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Their wrists and or their neck

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Q: Where should you check for an adult's pulse?
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Is it normal to have a pulse pressure lower than 5?

You should check pulse for about a minute. For adults pulse should be anywhere from 60 to 80 a minute.

How often should you stop CPR to check a pulse?

Do not stop CPR to check for a pulse.

What pulse should you check in infant BLS?

A pulse check is performed on the brachial artery for an infant.

When performing CPR on an infant you should check the pulse in the?

A pulse check is performed on the brachial artery for an infant.

Do you check for a pulse in an unresponsive choking patient?

If the patient is choking, the first priority is to clear the airway, not check the pulse. The airway should be cleared first, and then once the rescue breaths go in, check for a pulse.

At the end of a 2 minute cycle of CPR you should. The next step?

It used to be that after every 2 minutes of CPR, you did a pulse check. Now, once it is confirmed there are no signs of life, CPR is not stopped until EMS arrives and takes over. When EMS arrives, they will do a pulse check (which includes a breathing check) and if no pulse the AED will be hooked up. Since for the lay rescuer the rescue breathing (RB) for adults has been eliminated, there is no check required as CPR is immediately started. For children and infants, where RB is performed, after every 2 minutes you do a pulse check.

When performing rescue breathing how often should you check for pulse?

Check for a pulse about every 2 minutes.

Which should you check first signs of life or a pulse?

first sign of life

Where in your body can you check your pulse?

Your wrist and the side of your neck.

What should you do after the aed deliders a shock?

check pulse no pulse start cpr

Which side should the rescuer check the pulse of a victim?

right side

What is the maximum amount of time you should take to check for pulse?

20 seconds