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Q: Where is the radiator drain plug on a workhorse P 30?
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What is the torque spec on the oil drain plug on a 2002 Suzuki Esteem?

The Suzuki oil drain plug torque specification is 30 pounds. Over tightening the oil drain plug can cause the oil pan threads to strip.

What socket size is drain plug on 94 jaguar xj6?

30 mm

How do you change the coolant on a 2000 Infiniti I30?

AS with most automobiles, there is a drain plug on the oil pan, so first you would drain the oil, and then replace the drain plug. The more difficult part with the I-30 is the oil filter, which is located just above the passenger side front tire, the access is somewhat tight, but that's where you will find it, I find it easier to access if I turn the wheels to the full right lock position, and I gain access from the front. Once you remove and replace the filter, you simply refill the Oil from the hole provided on the valve cover.

Hyundai elantra oil drain plug torque specs?

25-30 lb-ft

How do you change oil in a Cadillac SRX?

Locate the drain plug, size 13mm, drain the oil, replace drain plug. The oil filter is located by the dipstick. Replace filter put 5.6qtz of 5w-30 synthetyc and you are good to go. Henry Joseph

Torque on oil pan 1996 caravan 3.0?

Oil drain plug 30 ft lbs

How do you change the antifreeze coolant in a Ford Taurus Mercury Sable?

One of the first things you're going to need to know is where the radiator drain plug is located. That just so happens to be one of the most popular questions in the Taurus / Sable categories.It is to found in the same spot it's been for years - the problem is, on 1996 and newer models there is a plastic panel that hides it from casual inspection.See "Related Questions" below for a few ideas on how to remove it, avoid having to keep removing it in the future and a whole lot more.REMINDER: Make sure the engine is COLD BEFORE opening the capCooling System- Drain and FillEnsure that the engine is completely cool prior to starting this service.Remove the recovery tank / coolant reservoir or radiator cap.Raise and support the vehicle.Place a drain pan of sufficient capacity under the radiator and open the petcock (drain) on the radiator. Plastic petcocks easily bind. Before opening a plastic radiator petcock, spray it with some penetrating lubricant.Drain the cooling system completely.Close the petcock.Remove the drain pan.Lower the vehicle.Determine the capacity of the cooling system, then property refill the system with a 50/50 mixture of fresh coolant and distilled water.Leave the recovery tank or radiator cap off to aid in bleeding the system.Start the engine and allow it to idle until the thermostat opens (the upper radiator hose will become hot). The coolant level should go down, this is normal as the system bleeds the air pockets out of the system.Refill the system with coolant to the proper level.Turn the engine OFF and check for leaks.Locate the drain plug. It should be on the drivers side of the radiator. You have to remove the splash guard. Use a 6mm ratchet and remove 4 bolts and just slide the splash guard away from the front end. The drain plug on our 99 Sable is white, but clearly visible when you move the splash guard out of the way. Drain the coolant into a pan and keep away from animals! Dispose of properly. Close the plug and fill the radiator with water and circulate by running the engine with the heat on. You can use a radiator flush solution that you can get at any parts place for a few dollars. Run the car for at least 30 minutes, or drive at least 30 miles. Drain the radiator again, and then close the plug and add your coolant. Make sure to close the plug when you are done!

What is the torque value of the drain plug on the oil pan of a 1998 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L?

30 foot pounds.

Where is the Radiator plug drain on a 2002 Monte Carlo?

Bottom drivers-side, engine-side corner of the radiator. A total pain to get to and there's part of the frame in the way, so coolant gets everywhere. (This is from experience gained within the last 30 minutes.) It's also plastic and can break if you're not careful. Some recommend disconnecting the lower radiator hose on the other side instead.

Where is the drain plug for the transmission located on a 1976 Chevy Beauville 30?

it does not have have to loosen the pan bolts on one end and let it drain into a waste oil pan

How do you change rear diff fluid on 2005 Kia Sorento xt?

raise the rear end 8 inches remove fill plug then drain plug, replace copper washer on plugs insert drain plug to 30 ft-lbs, fill by using small siphon hand pump, or angle the bottle, insert fill plug 30 ft-lbs the rear diff holds 1.7 quarts.

Drain Cleaner On A Budget?

Drain cleaner removes clogs and prevents messy overflows from sink and bathtub drains. One affordable drain cleaner contains ingredients found in any home pantry. To use this environmentally friendly cleaner, remove the plug from the drain. Measure _ cups of dry baking soda into the drain. Add _ cups of vinegar, and replace the plug to allow the resulting chemical reaction to work. After 30 minutes, remove the plug and carefully pour boiling water into the drain to complete this effective drain cleaner method.