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Q: Where is the leprechaun in the lost city quest?
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Where is Leiyah's lost rabbit on quest in spark city world?

where is leiyahs lost rabbit on quest in spark city world

Where do you get Leprechaun armor?

leprechaun armour stores obviously. Step 1: Skin Leprechaun Step 2: Cure Leprechaun skin Step 3: Fashion Leprechaun Leather to specifications (If this question is in reference to Adventure quest, the Leprechaun Armour is a reward to a quest given by the woodland faeries where one needs to locate a pot of gold.)

On Fantage where did the leprechaun loose his money at?

The leprechaun lost his money in the forest

Can you have a runescape account that has done lost city quest?

Yes, simply train up and complete the quest.

Do i need crafting to do the quest lost city?

you need to have 31 crafting for the Lost City quest because you need to kill the tree spirt then if u got the axe you chop the dramen tree then you craft it into a dramen staff to get to the lost city. =) yw

Where do you find fairys in runescape?

Zanaris after completing the "Lost City" quest

Quest to get Leprechaun class in aqw?

is not available any more sorry

How do you get the leprechaun class in aq?

You can't get Leprechaun Class in AQ anymore. You needed to finish the first St. Patrick's Day event and finished the quest for it.

How can you get a leprechaun class in adventure quest worlds?

The ''Pot Of Gold'' Quest during St. Patrick's Day. This Class in now rare!

Do you need a level 31 crafting to do lost city the quest?

its one of the requirements yes

What actors and actresses appeared in Quest for the Lost City - 1954?

The cast of Quest for the Lost City - 1954 includes: Hal Gibney as Narrator Tom Harmon as Narrator (introductory sequence) Ginger Lamb as herself Dana Lamb as himself

How do you get leprechaun class?

You get on St. Patrick's day. Do and finish the quest Pot of Gold. It's rare