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In Skullholme, use the map to get there.

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Q: Where is shadowfall in adventure quest?
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How do you get to gravelin on adventure quest world?

goto shadowfall

Where is the valsakar's lair on adventure quest?

Vasalkers Lair Is In Shadowfall

Where is the kings tax collector on adventure quest worlds?

in shadowfall :P

On adventure quest worlds after you have finishedall quests for king alteon what do you do?

You must go to Shadowfall (/join shadowfall) and do the storyline quests for her.

How do you get to shadow fall in adventure quest worlds?

type /join shadowfall type the /

How do you get the lich armor in adventure quest worlds?

the skeleton that is inside the golden frame door in shadowfall sales it

How do you start dark in adventure quest worlds?

you meant evil?? jus go to shadowfall and find gravelyn

How can you do an evil class in adventure quest words?

go to shadowfall and go to the trone room talk to the queen

Where do you get Dark Crusader armor in Adventure Quest Worlds?

It is at shadowfall in the evil shop,it costs 50000 gold

In adventure quest worlds how do you get evil ranks for the shop?

u can gain evil ranks by doing evil reputation quest. go to shadowfall

Where do you get Crystal Claymore in Adventure Quest Worlds?

You type in into the chat bar /Join Shadowfall, then you go into it and enter the gold archway, this is a shop. You can buy it there. After this, you have also unlocked Shadowfall to be on your map :D Hope this helped.

Where is the chaos crypt in aqw?

To get to the chaos crypt you will have to go to SHADOWFALL and talk to GRAVELYN and do the CHAOS CRYPT quest.