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It was filmed in Mexico

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Q: Where is home and away filmed?
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What day is home and away filmed on went to see the cast?


Where are Australian soap operas filmed?

The Australian TV show Home and Away is filmed in Sydney, New South Whales. It is the second-longest-running Australian drama. Home and Away was a soap opera created by Alan Bateman.

Where is the tv show summer bay filmed?

The show Home and Away, which was also referred to as Summer Bay, is filmed in several locations. It is an Australian show that is filmed primarily in Sydney and other beaches.

What beach is home and away filmed on?

Palm Beach. Sydneys North Sure. They only do the outside shots there. I have been there. Its an amazing beach

Where was the 51st state filmed?

it was filmed in my home town of Liverpool in England

Where was movie Get Low filmed?

It was filmed in Newnan, Ga. In an historical home there.

In the movie Away We Go where the last scene entitled Home which featured an old white house on a lake filmed?

The home in the last scene of Away We Go is located in Leesburg, FL either on Lake Harris or Lake Griffin.

What movie was filmed in wausau Wisconsin in 1996?

The movie Sliding Home was filmed there.

Where was 'Playing Away' starring Norman Beaton filmed?

It was filmed at Botany Bay Cricket Club in Enfield

What is the company which filmed spirited away?

Studio Ghibli

What is home and away?

Home and Away is an Australian soap which is filmed on Palm Beach and places around Australia. It was first produced on Channel 7 in 17th January 1988. It is shown on English television on Channel 5. You can also watch it on the channel 5 website.

Who did Nadia Coote play in Home and Away?

Nadia Coote is not listed in the cast and crew of Home and Away.she is she played claudia the farm girl who gets together with geoff. She was not in it until recently but had filmed it in Australia before moving to England to be in London version of dirty dancing but home and away on time delay from Australia.