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Q: Where is all 4 strong monster in greenguard forest AQW?
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What monsters do you fight to pass hardly suiting armor in aqw?

Greenguard dragon, greenguard basilisk, deathgazer, gell oh no

Where on aqw do you find the black knight?

The Black Knight is located in west Greenguard forest. Type, "/join greenguardwest" and go west (left) one screen, then keep going north (up) until you find him.

Where are the horcs in aqw?

Horc Fort is in the area labeled GREENGUARD on the map. Horc Fort is on the far right hand side of the screen.

How can you find ghouls monster in aqw?

in doomwood

Were is the protosartorium monster in aqw?

crash site

Where is the zard chiefman in aqw?

he is in the forest

Where are the pieces for the black knight quest on aqw?

The pieces of the black knight quest are scattered among the all powerful creatures found around greenguard.

What monster gives you the most experience in aqw?

my bum

What is the weakest monster in aqw?

rock(in bloodtusk ravine)

Where is the best place to get stuff in AQW?

The best place to get stuff in AQW is at any kind f monster that will drop it or from drudgen

How do you get the chief tain head in aqw?

From the Zard Leader in the Forest.

How do you get in dracovia forest on aqw?

you can't until they finish making it