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The water in your body and the water you drink

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Q: Where does the water in the urine come from?
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Does your urine come out dark if you don't drink enough water?

Yes, your urine comes out darker if you are not drinking enough water.

3 What effect does running a marathon have on the quantity and concentration of urine?

When you run a marathon you get very hot and the body has to use the water in your system to cool itself down which makes the urine more concentrated because there isn’t as much water in it. It also makes a smaller quantity of urine come out of the body because the water that would usually come out as part of the urine would have already come out as sweat from the body trying to cool itself down.

Is it possible for anything to come out with your urine?

Sometimes sperm may come out with urine

How come urine has things?

Urine contains waste products and excess substances that the body needs to eliminate, such as water, salts, and urea. These components are filtered from the blood by the kidneys and passed out of the body through the urinary system as urine.

If your kid drank your urine is she in danger?

IF ANYONE ACCIDENTLY swallows human urine, they will not be "poisoned". When a healthy person urinates, it actually come out sterile. But seeing how urine is the "waste water" of the human body, I would not recommend that people drink urine, whether it is their own or someone elses.

Why wouldn't a pregnancy show in urine?

Urine doesn't come from the vagina.

If you drink a lot of water will a urine test come clean?

Drinking a lot of water before a urine test can dilute your urine, potentially reducing the concentration of substances being tested for, such as drugs or toxins. However, labs are aware of this tactic and may flag the sample as too diluted, which may require a retest.

Is it bad to drink lots of water the day of a urine test?

It's not necessarily bad to drink lots of water before a urine test but it could make you have to reschedule your appointment. The more water you drink the more diluted your urine is going to be. If your urine is to diluted they will make you come back after a day or two.

How much water does it take to pee water?

Human beings 'pee' urine, not water. Urine can sometimes appear clear if one is very well hydrated, but it is still urine.

Why is urine yellow in the morning?

In the morning when urine is a yellowish color, that signifies that the body has not consumed water during the night. If urine remains yellow throughout the day, that is a sign of dehydration.

Is shivering a type of homeostasis?

i have blood in urine after i finesh urine then come boold

When the lining of your uterus is shedding does it come out in your urine?

no, it will come out when you have your period.