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Our bodies are designed to get glucose from from natural foods such as fruits vegetables, grains and even fat. Our metabolism creates the glucose gradually from those raw materials when we need it. You can eat glusose, of course, but dumping glucose straight into your body can cause massive swings in your blood sugar levels. This may bring about emotional disturbances, hyperactivity, obesity and eventually type 2 Diabetes. Eating natural whole foods gives you a stable blood sugar level which is ideal for good health. The only time it is good to eat/drink glucose is if you are in urgent need of sugar, eg after prolonged hard exercise, if very weak from diarhoea and vomiting, or a diabetic going into insulin shock.

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Q: Where does glucose enter the body?
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Why is insulin so important to the body?

Insulin is important for the body because it helps glucose enter the body's cells. The glucose is then used for energy.

Can the body convert glycerol into glucose?

Yes, glucose is stored in the body as glycerol. When the body needs more glucose it will convert some glycerol into glucose and put it into the bloodstream. No, glucose is not stored in the body as glycerol. It is stored in the body as glycogen. Glycerol is the backbone of triglycerides, and in order to be used for energy, It must be converted into glycerol-3-phosphate, after that may enter the pathway of glycolysis, or may enter the process of gluconeogenesis (generation of glucose from non-carbohydrates source).

Do glucose and water enter the filtrate?

no glucose does not

What does the body do to bring down blood glucose levels after a meal?

The pancreas produces insulin which allows the glucose to enter the cells to fuel them. Also the insulin sends the body into fat building mode and some of the glucose is used up by being stored away as fat.

Name the fuel the human body burns?

The preferred fuel source for the body is glucose.

Where does glucose enter organism?

from the liver

Do you use glucose in the from of glucose?

Yes, your body uses glucose in the form of glucose. All other sugars are converted into glucose so your body can use them.

Describe how glucose molecules enter a cell by facilitated diffusion?


What does the body break carbohydrates down into?

Carbohydrates that enter the body as food are broken down into glucose, which the body uses for energy in every cell of the body.

Does digestive system help glucose enter all body cells?

The digestive system helps to maintain glucose levels in the blood in various ways. This is done mainly through the pancreas which will release glucagon that will help insulin to maintain the normal glucose levels.

How is glucose finally eliminated from the body?

Glucose is generally not excreted from the body, it can be stored as gyclogen, latter broken down for energy. In which glucose is broken down into pyruvate then into glycolosis for processing Excess glucose can be in the urine if you are diabetic. Glucose can be stored in your liver and in your muscles in the form of glycogen and then released as the cells need glucose for respiration. Glycolysis is the process whereby glucose is cut into two molecules of pyruvate. If oxygen is present, pyruvate will enter the mitochondria and chemical bonds in pyruate will be broken to release energy that will be stored in ATP

What effect does insulin have on sugar?

Insulin allows glucose(sugar) to enter the body's cells. Insulin also stimulates the liver to convert glucose to glycogen and store it for later use. The end effect is blood sugar is decreased.