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He now lives in the Chelsea area but is moving to America with Dappy n Tulisa.

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Q: Where does fazer from n-dubz live?
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What is Fazer from Ndubz mother's name?

Fazer from Ndubz mother's name is Elaine!

Where in Camden Does fazer from NDubz live?

confidential info.

Why is fazer from ndubz called fazer?

his favourite kind of bike is a Fazer, so he named himself that

How old is fazer of ndubz?

22years old,

Is tullisa from ndubz going out with fazer?


Where does Dappy from ndubz live?

In Camden but he currently lives in Surrey with Fazer and Tulisa which is where they are recording their new album.

What is fazer from ndubz dob?

5 February 1987

When was fazer in ndubz born?

on the 5-2-87

What is Fazer's real name from ndubz?

Richard Rawson

What is fazer from ndubz's real name?

Richard Rawson

How old is frazer from ndubz?

His name is Fazer not Frazer and his 23

Who is fazer from ndubz faviroute player for arsenal?

it is fabregas (from the don)