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it is at the left hand side of the engine and then you just put in

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Q: Where do you put gear box oil in a Renault kangoo?
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What is the oil capacity for a Renault kangoo 1.9 diesel?

how much engine oil do you put in a Renault kangoo 1.9 diesel

How do you check auto gearbox oil Renault kangoo?

There isnt one!

How can you change the oil in a Renault megane automatic gear box?

bring to the gearbox specialist:))))

How do you fill my Renault kangoo van gearbox?

There is a small plastic thumb screw wing nut on the side, not the top of box as that is a breather pipe. Use a pipe and fill until the oil starts dribbling out, the gearbox will hold around 3 litres on a Renault Kangoo on JC1 boxes.

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my car renault clio 2005 found problem in gear box who open to change oil and clean filter gear ? found video about this question

Automatic transmission oil for Renault scenic 2004?

hi mr that i have renulat secnico 2000 which type of oil for gear box if i need to change it please can you advice as regard Eiad

How do you fill up gear box oil on clk 230?

show how to change oil gear box

What Socket size fits the kangoo oil sump plug?

Every other Renault seems to be a 8mm square plug so don`'t see why not.....

How many liters of oil in automatic gear box?

how many liters of oil automatic gear box laguna 2

Renault master gear oil is it synthetic or minral?

70 .80 synthetic only

Gear box oil capasity in a citroen c3?

Manual gear box 2 litre Automatic gear box are sealed unit

Why is there a oil puddle under snowmobile?

Check your gearbox level you have an oil leak in your oil injection system or your gear box. The injection oil is lighter than the the gear box.