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You download if from
Wolf quest 2 is out now! Go to Wolf quest. com and its there.Also wolf quest 3 is cooming so. Hope this helps.

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Q: Where do you download WolfQuest episode 2?
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When wolfquest will be for download?

It is already...actually... WolfQuest 2 and WolfQuest 2.5 are available for download now.

When is wolfquest episode 2 going to be ready to DOWNLOAD?

10:00 central time on jan. 1st

Where can you find Wolfquest episode 1?

You can get episode 1 and 2 at the Wolfquest page linked below.

What is second quest in wolfquest?

There is only 1 wolfquest quest in wolfquest episode 1 but in wolfquest episode 2 coming this December 2009 there will be multiple quests!

How do you download Episode 2 of Wolfquest?

At the moment, the wolfquest website is very slow, but Slough Creek is finally out so if you can manage to get onto the downloads page you can go from there. Click on the download icon and install it like you did with Amethyst Mountain.

How do you find a mate on WolfQuest Episode 2 Slough Creek?

you cant you can find a mate in wolfquest episode 1. i think in wolfquest 2.5 you can but i dont know

You what to domwnload wolfquest 2?

u download it from the wolfquest websiteand it's coming out this spring

How many pups will you get in WolfQuest episode 2?

In WolfQuest you have four pups. This is a set number and is unchangeable.

How can you download wolfquest 2?

You can download wolf quest 2 by going on wolf

How do you download amethyst mountain delux wolfquest?

You can not download previous versions of WolfQuest. But, you can download the latest, WolfQuest 2.5! It can be found on WolfQuest's website(

Where can you download wolfquest episode 3?

easy all you do is go to click on get the game and you downloed it thats it

Is wolfquest episode 2 out?

No it comes out in 09 End of August.