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Q: Where do Tommy and Dicky smothers live?
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Did Tommy smothers st-udder?


Of Dick Clark Drew Carey or Tommy Smothers which one was notably remembered for wearing a sweater knitted by his mother?

Tommy smothers

Who were the Smothers Brothers sisters and brothers?

Tommy (born 02/02/37) and Dick (born 11/20/39) Smothers were the only celebrity children of Ruth and Thomas Smothers. They do have a sister, Sherry, born in 1941 in California. Tommy is the father of 3 children and Dick has 6 children.

Is Tommy and dick smothers dead?

Yes, they are both still living as of March, 2010.

Did Tommy smothers have a small role in Fred clause?

Tommy Smothers is not listed in the Fred Claus (2007) complete cast list (103 names). The movie starred Vince Vaughn. According to Rotten Tomatoes 45% of the audience likes the movie.

What program replaced The Smothers Brothers?

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, with Tommy and Dick Smothers, ran on CBS from 1967 to 1969. They were replaced in the summer by the Glen Campbell Hour. When it was cancelled, it was replaced by Hee Haw.

Do the Smothers Brothers have other brothers or sisters?

Thomas and Ruth Smothers only had two children who were in the news: Tommy (born 02/02/37) and Dick (born 11/20/39) Smothers. Tommy lives in Sonoma County, California and is the father of 3. Dick lives in Sarasota, Florida and has 6 children. There is a sister, Sherry, who was born September 1941 in Pasadena, California.

Where are the Smothers Brothers currently performing?

Tommy (born 02/02/37) and Dick (born 11/20/39) Smothers are no longer touring. They announced their retirement on Sunday May 16, 2010. Tommy lives in Sonoma County, California and Dick lives in Sarasota, Florida.

What are some qoutes about the smothers brothers?

Tommy (born 02/02/37) and Dick (born 11/20/39) Smothers are best remembered by Tommy Smothers getting frustrated with his brother and saying "Mom always liked you best!" One of their most controversial quotes: "Easter is when Jesus comes out of his tomb, and if he sees his shadow he goes back in and we get six more weeks of winter." Episodes of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour are filled with recorded gems of their humor.

What club did the smothers brothers own in Manhattan beach?

Tommy (born 02/02/37) and Dick (born 11/20/39) Smothers owned Cisco’s, a large rock-and-roll emporium at Manhattan Beach, California. It was the site of several "recorded live" albums by different artists.

What is tom smothers phone number at Disney?

Tommy Smothers (born 02/02/1937) does not live in or around the Walt Disney Studio. He can be contacted via the Remick Ridge Vineyard in Sonoma County, California. A mailing address is available (P.O. Box 759 Kenwood, CA 95452), but not a phone number.

Were the smothers brothers married?

Tommy (born 02/02/37) and Dick (born 11/20/39) Smothers have been married. Tommy has been married twice, currently to Marcy Carriker, and he has 3 children. Dick is not married now, has had 3 wives and is the father of 6 children.