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Q: Where can you download sonic the fighters?
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Where can you download sonic the fighters 2?

Well if there is a real "Sonic Fighters 2," then try going on where you normally download games.

How do you download sonic the fighters?

Sonic the fighters is not downloadable, most people say it's illegal, and for those of you saying that there is a sonic the fighters 2 and it's downloadable, then you are wrong. There is no sonic the fighters 2.

Where yo can download sonic speed fighters?

You can download it by asking the creator Neo Fire Sonic.

Can you download sonic vs little fighter 2?

Since when was there a sonic the fighters 2? And if your talking about the regular one,it's illegal to download it.

When was Sonic the Fighters created?

Sonic the Fighters was created in 1996.

What is the next Sonic the Fighters game?

There are no more Sonic the Fighters games.

Can you play as Metal Sonic in Sonic The Fighters?


Will they ever bring out sonic fighters 2?

No. Besides they never made sonic the fighters 2.

Can you be shadow in sonic the fighters?


Can you unlock metal sonic on sonic fighters?

yes please

How do you get super Sonic on Sonic the fighters?

Get a Perfect on all fight.

Will there be a sonic freedom fighters movie?

well the freedom fighters are shown in Sonic the Hedgehog series and Sonic Underground series. both series are tv series.