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To use cheats you must have a folder named CHT on the root of your SD card. manual create one If not existed. The CHT folder is where all your cheat files will be stored. EZ5 kernel built two cheat engine since ver 1.72, CHT and ARDS. CHT is the EmuCheat format which used widely in Chinese. ARDS is the ActionReplay codes provide by Codejunkies. CHT engine accept single ".cht" file and database "cheatcode.dat" ARDS engine accept database "ezarcode.dat" which created by ardscodeeditor, you can get it on the software download page. You can toggle the cheat engine in the EZ5 system setting.

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Q: Where can you download action replay for your ezflash V?
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you need a flash card like ezflash v With the ezflash V you just copy all the MP3 files onto the memory card.

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The EZFlash Vi stores the cheat database file in the CHT folder. Most other cards just store it in the root. Could that be your problem?

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