Where can you download BatchDPG?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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You can download BatchDPG v1.60 (latest version i think) from it includes a detailed description too recomended

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Q: Where can you download BatchDPG?
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How do you set up video on the acekard 2i?

You need moonshell , but i think that wont work on the offical acekard 2i so you need the fake firmware AKAIO , search it on google . Than you need moonshell and a DPG convertor , i reccoremend to download a mpg convertor and batchDPG , first convert the .AVI to mpg or mpeg , than convert it with batchDPG to DPG , all done !

Where can you get dpg movies?

There are programs such as BatchDPG that can convert common video formats to DPG.

How do you play movies on acekard 2i?

There are a few tools you need. Moonshell Homebrew app to play the video from your Acekard, it will be in .nds format, might have to unzip or unrar it first. A video conversion app like BatchDPG to convert just about any video to .dpg format. I think you can take care of getting videos to convert on your own :)

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