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In the U.S.A you can buy them at the two most common stores: Safeway and

Toys 'R' us

look the writing above may be true but what about Australia?

In Australia you could buy them in post offices, news angencys, target, kmart, big W, or just simply buy them on line.

have fun on our world my username on our world is: JessRoks24 plz add me and send me gifts.

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Q: Where can you buy an ourworld gift card?
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Where can you buy an ourworld gift card online?

you can buy them at toys r us and asda online

Where can you buy ourworld resident cards?

u can buy an ourworld card at Kroger, Toys R' Us, or Safeway :)

What is the gift card code for ourworld?

You go and buy it at either, Toys R Us, Walmart, Co-op, Safe Way, etc. When you go on ourWorld you type in the code from the card you bought. They cost about 10-15 dollars. When you become a resident, you get better stuff like: -Mondo Condo -A pet -300 gems -You can go to the beach -You can go to the Key Dungeon -And more! If your question is "What is the gift card code for ourWorld?" Well we can't tell you because It's cheating. On ourWorld my name is Deobi1 (Please add me, Gift me, or send me your heart) If you gift me I will gift you back. Next Monday I'm becoming a member.

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Where can you buy an ourworld game card?

Kroger,CVS,Rite Aid, and any local supermarket you can purchase the card:)

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its a visa gift card

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If not use it to buy a visa gift card.

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