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The best way to find the cheapest home owners insurance policy is to compare rates given by different companies. Policies may have different coverage amounts.

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Q: Where can someone get very cheap house insurance policy?
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Does cheap house insurance cover everything that more expensive insurance does?

You should consider the type of policy you are getting. A named peril policy covers less than an comprehensive policy does.

If someone is living in your house and they get a drivers permit does your auto insurance go up?

Only if you go to your insurance provider and include them in your policy

Does house insurance cover your belongings?

No. House insurance covers your home and normally the surrounding 'grounds'. If someone trips on your sidewalk and sues you, it will be covered. As for the contents of your home, you must purchase a separate policy or add it to the existing home policy.

If you have fire in your house that damages your furniture what type of insurance should you have to replaceyour damaged furniture?

Most homeowners insurance or renters insurance covers personal property. If you own your home and have insurance, your probably have homeowners insurance like an HO3, HO4, or HO5 policy. These types of policies almost always cover contents. Some people have a SF policy, or standard fire. That covers just the house, nothing inside. Pretty basic policy. Those policies are usually used for rental places, business, non-lived in houses. Its a cheap cheap policy. You policy may or may not have Replacement Cost Value. Most policies do. If you have an ACV policy, you probably had to ask specifically for it. To answer your question short and sweet, you need Schedule C Contents coverage.

Can you get homeowners insurance if the owner of the house is deceased?

Yes, The Heirs can buy the policy or the Estate executor can buy a home insurance policy.

Can I transfer my Corpus Christi home insurance policy to my new house in Detroit, Michigan?

Yes is my answer, because home insurance policy can be shifted

If someone pays his home insurance for the entire year and then sells it will his policy cover the new owner if the house is damaged after the sale?

No. Insurance policies are non-transferable. Your home insurance policy automatically became null and void the moment it was sold. No damage after the transfer will be covered under the previous owners policy. The new property owner must apply for and qualify for his own insurance policy based on his own merit.

Where can one find good, cheap house insurance?

You will have to contact each insurance company to receive a quote for insurance on your house. You can also use most companies' websites.

What does homeowners insurance pay for in case of damage to your house?

Your Homeowners insurance policy will pay for damages that result from the covered perils specified on your insurance policy subject to the policy limits and any deductibles listed therein.

What is typically covered in your house insurance policy?

The typical house insurance policy covers damage to your property and personal liability coverage. Damage to your property includes fire, lightning, tornado, and hurricanes.

What is the job performed by house insurance brokers?

The role of a house insurance broker is simple: They sell or negotiate insurance for compensation on damage to houses; or depending on the policy the contents.

What is a house policy?

a set of procedures and strategies for the service of alcohol. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or an insurance policy on the fabric and or contents of a house. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or a government strategy on the provision of housing.