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Raptor Forum has over 36 images of the 660 Raptor. The easiest method for finding the 660 Raptor is to use the box in the right hand corner of the site.

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Q: Where can one view images of the 660 Raptor?
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Where can one purchase Yamaha Raptor 660?

The Yamaha Raptor 660 is a motorcycle that was made by Yamaha between 2001 and 2006. One can purchase a second-hand Yamaha Raptor 660 at a used Yamaha dealer.

How many tail pipes does a raptor 660 have?

one, but you can get a double exhaust for it

What is faster a raptor 660 or the suzuki 450?

the raptor 660 is much much stronger and faster than the suzuki 450 or any other bike out their the 660 is the best quad out their but suzuki 450 sucks the best raptor in the world is the one a guy has in tecate in the Bella vista and worst bike out their is in the artiega ranch

How do you troubleshoot electrical problem on a 2001 Yamaha 660 raptor?

One of the ways of troubleshooting an electrical problem on a 2001 Yamaha 660 raptor is by starting the engine. The other way is by switching on the lights.?æ

How fast does the Yamaha raptor 600 go and is is one of the fastest four wheelers?

Did you mean 660 or 700? Either way the Raptor is "one of" the fastest quads, with a top speed around 70mph(660)-73/74mph(700).

How heavy is a raptor 660?

A raptor 660 is about 450lbs. When the raptor 700 came out, many found it to be much faster. Not only is this due to the extra displacement of the engine (668cc to 686cc) but they used an aluminum frame instead of a steel one, reducing the weight to 398lbs The front end on a 660 is realy light perfect for wheeles

Which one is the best yfz or raptor 660 or ltr450?

ltr will kill both of those quads

Where can one buy a Yamaha Raptor 660?

You can buy a Yamaha Raptor 660 at a local Yamaha dealer. These bikes are also sold online at Ebay Motors and Auto Trader. You can purchase a used or new bike at any of these places.

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