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The best place to seek out discounted auto insurance would be to look at comparison sites like Compare The Market and Money Supermarket. However it is also advisable to check out the best companies' own offers as sometimes they can be cheaper by going direct.

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Q: Where can one get auto insurance at a discount?
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What is the Military Discount for Auto Insurance in Canada?

There is a great discount for auto insurance that is offered to those in the military in Canada. The military discount for auto insurance is about 60% of what it usually is.

What are some of the companies where you can get the best discount for teen auto insurance?

Some of the companies where you can get the best discount for teen auto insurance are geico or allstate.

What kind of discount can one get from a property company?

One can get some form of discount from a property company. The discount may come in the form of dinning discount, restaurant discount, auto insurance discount, etc.

What kind of driving record is needed in order to qualify for a discount on auto insurance?

Whether or not an auto insurance discount is available to customers on the basis of driving record is variable depending on the particular insurance company. However, for one to realistically expect to merit such a discount, a record with no points is necessary.

Which companies offer discount auto insurance quotes?,, and all provide discount auto insurance quotes. also allows you to compare discount rates.

Where can one find auto insurance for teens?

Many different auto insurance companies offer discount policies to help keep the cost down for teens added to your insurance. Nationwide offers teen auto insurance programs and you can find a quote on their website.

Does one get discounts on auto insurance when they add additional vehicles?

It can be possible to get a discount on auto insurance when you insure more than one vehicle. It is best to compare prices on a variety of insurance sites online to determine what discounts will be received.

Can Non driver homeowners insurance be on a drivers auto insurance?

Homeowners insurance is separate from auto insurance. You may get a discount if you buy both from the same company.

Where can I get free quotes on discount auto insurance?

you can receive free insurance quotes at

Companies offer Discount for Pepsico employees?

auto insurance

Where can I get soem cheap discount auto insurance?

You can try progressive auto insurance. They offer comparisons of different insurance companies where you can get quotes. Some companies offer discounts if you insure more than one car with them.

Can I get a quote for Commercial Auto Insurance?

Progressive Insurance offers commercial auto insurance and they also will give you a free quote! If you insure more than one vehicle or have more than one policy you can get a multi policy discount.