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Q: Where are the pressure points in neck that put you to sleep?
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Where on the neck do you press to put someone to sleep?

This is not a game! It's dangerous! I'm not telling you.

Pressure points that put help people to sleep?

Sorry, all you Vulcan wannabes ! The neck-pinch supposedly decreases blood flow via the carotid arteries, though some may insist chi nervous pathways are involved. Hasn't been duplicated in practice.

Which position should you sleep in?

sleep on your RIGHT SIDE it won't put pressure on your heart DONT SLEEP ON YOUR STOMACH remember RIGHT SIDE

What causes numbness in upper triceps area?

Sometimes inflammation putting pressure on nerves will do this or pressure may be put on the nerves as they pass between the vertebrae in the neck.

If you put a cork into the neck of a bottle filled with airwhat happens to the pressure inside the bottle?

The cork over the bottle's neck is going too be pushed by how much air is in the bottle.

Where do you put Avon sleeptherapy balm?

you apply it to your pulse points, like your temples and wrists, and let it sink in for a restful sleep.:)

How do you treat a dog was run over?

Put pressure on bleeding wounds, stabilize the neck, & rush to vet & if after hours, rush to the emergency vet.

How to apply neck cream?

put it on your neck where the wart is

Why do your ears hurt when you sleep on your side?

your earring digs into your skin when you put pressure on it. either take them out before you go to bed or live with it.

Does riley get put to sleep in a summer of riley?

I get put to sleep

What order do you put the dogs to sleep?

First, put the smallest to sleep. Make sure it is comfortable, preferably put it in a crib. Then put the biggest to sleep

How can you tell if your oil pressure switch is bad?

Add a tee to the sender and put a guage in the tee . This will tell you the on and off points of the sender .