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hell if i know that's my question i think their around the dogs pin in the petting zoo somewhere

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Q: Where are the boxes that you have to move to find violets cat in mysims agents for ds?
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How do you pass the part when your tobor in mysims agents?

Look for three boxes inside the area then open them then find a hatch then your done.

How do you find weather the cat in my sims agents?

you go to the zoo then move all the boxes that are in the way. hope this helps!

How do you find yuki in mysims agents?

She should be at your hq or the beach somewhere in her cave.

Mysims agents analyzing the crystals in trunk?

do noting at all jest die and you find out

How do you fix tobor's remote control on mysims agents?

you need to find the peices in the park

Where can you find cogs on mysims agents?

You can usually find them in large machines and vehicles, like cars and bulldozers and snowblowers.

What is a good walkthrough for mysims Agents?

I don't know.When you find one really good then share it with me.

If you beat Mysims Agents is there anything you can do after?

complete all the dispatch missions then you should find evelyn

Where do you catch a king salmon on MySims agents?

you can find it in crystal falls aroun evening usually

How do you find King Mike on MySims Agents?

Send your Cooking Mana Sim to the kitchen and cook me a pizza

Mysims agents what do you do after you find the tool chest?

Talk to the guests then do a play to getthe final clue of that case

Where do you find the maps for Gino on MySims Agents?

One of the maps is in Theif V's Hideout Love, Gabby