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The start stop board is not latching and needs to be replaced on the gen...


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Q: When you start your altec generator on my bucket truck it runs till you let your finger off of the button?
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What is the gross weight of an Altec Bucket Truck?

The answer depends on which altec bucket truck you look at. For example the Altec AA755 MH- 2004 International 4300 Bucket Truck has a gross weight of 33.000 lbs but the ALtec AM855- 1998 International 4900 4x4 Bucket Truck has a gross weight off 39.000lbs. But on average the bucket trucks are around the 30.000 lbs.

How do you control the winch for a altec bucket truck?

For the altec bucket trucks the Winch can be operated from the bucket or from the body area of the truck below (this is great for loading materials in body area).

Where can you find an operational manual for an Altec Bucket Truck LRV55?

Contact Altec customer service at 1-877-462-5832.

What is the working height on the biggest bucket truck?

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Where can you find service manual for teco bucket truck?

TECO was purchased by Altec Industry's and is now called NUECO (National Utility Equipment Company) you can reach them at 800-860-0183 W.Russell

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