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The basic thing of tanning is you know when you've had enough son. If you start to feel overheated, sick, and have a headache than you've tanned long enough! Tanning to much can result in skin cancer. Also remember tanning now you may feel sexy, but think about when you an elder with dry wrinkly skin from sun damage, I bet you'll regret it then.

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Q: When you compare tanning in the sun as opposed to tanning in a tanning bed is one safer then the other?
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Is a tanning bed safer to use than artificial chemical tanning?

A tanning bed is not safer than chemical tans, as there is no risk of skin cancer or premature aging from the chemicals as there is from tanning beds and UV rays.

Is a tanning bed a safer solution for tanning?

Not much--it still produces UV radiation.

Is a tanning bed a safer alternative than the beach?

Not at all

Which is safer tanning outside or in a tanning bed?

you shouldn't tan at all if you can't help it... it causes wrinkles a lot.

What are some good tanning salons in Las Vegas?

There are a lot of tanning salons that are located in Las Vegas. I would try to stick with the airbrush tanning though, because it is so much safer than tanning beds.

Does natural tanning or spray tan safer Why?

Spray. Becomes the sunlight AND tanning beds contain UVA and UVB light, which is harmful to the skin.

Is a home tanning bed safer than tanning in the sun?

No, it is not safer. UV rays are harmful to the skin when it is exposed for long periods of time - indoors or outdoors. Natural tends to be the best way to go for most things, so as long as you where the proper sunscreen, tanning in the sun might be best.

Where can I buy tanning spray online?

Tanning spray is so much safer than going to a tanning bed. You can get it from many places online such as Amazon or even EBay. You can also get it from department stores.

Are tanning lotions bad?

No, these are a safer alternative to tanning beds. Lotiens don't cause skin cancer or damage. They work just as well as tanning, you just need to reapply every few days.

Where can I get airbrush tanning stuff?

You can buy some cheap airbrush tanning supplies from Amazon's website. You can also buy some of the stuff at Wal-Mart. This is much safer than using a tanning bed.

Is a tanning bed better the sun?

A tanning bed is faster than the sun, but it isn't safer. If you want a nice, safe tan, do intervals of short tans outside.

Where in Chicago is there a spray tan place is does a good job?

Chicago has many different tanning salons, however the best one is probably Sunless Rays. They have airbrush tanning options which are much safer than tanning beds.