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People apparently vary widely on when they stop.

When I was 12, they were about size 10 or 11.

At age 12, they went from 9 to 10, and at 49 from 13 to 14 or 15, depending on the manufacturer or something.

I'm 6'5, but anyway the increase from age 14 was an estimated 50%, roughly.


YOU DON'T SAY WHETHER you are male or female, but I'll guess you are female, because socially, girls are more aware of shoe size. It's silly, but some girls are afraid they will have "big feet". Girls tend to mature sooner than boys, so at age 14, for a female, your feet probably won't get that much bigger. If you are a male asking this question, then I would say that you probably have some growing to do and your shoe size might increase a bit. Boys with size 13 -15 shoe or sneaker were almost unheard of not too many years ago. Now, they are right on the shelf of the shoe store along with the rest. Also, years ago, girls with size 6 shoe was considered large. Today, girls shoe size is not unusual if it is 9 or 10.

Remember what they say: The bigger your feet, the bigger your brain!!! <<>>

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Q: When will my feet stop growing I'm 14 years old 5'6 and i wear a size 8.5 to size 9?
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When will my feet stop growing I am a male 19 years old 5'9 and i wear a size 9 to size 11?

They have probably stopped growing. Most people's height, size of hands &amp; feet stop growing when they finish puberty. At your age, if they grew any bigger it wouldn't be very much.

When will my feet stop growing?

Your feet normally stop growing when you are between sixteen and eighteen years old.

When will my feet stop growing im 11 years old 5'3 and you wear size 5.5 to 6?


When will my feet stop growing im 14 years old 5'6 and I wear a size 13 and im a boy?

Boys typically stop growing around the ages of 16-18, but it varies for each individual. It's common for the feet to stop growing a few years after the overall growth spurt has finished. Since you're 14 and already wear a size 13, it's likely that your feet might not grow much more, but it's best to consult a doctor for a more accurate prediction.

Do feet stop growing?

Eventually they do when you reach a certain age where you stop growing.....So YES feet do stop growing! EVENTUALLY!

How can you make your feet stop growing?

you can not make your feet stop growing only until you are 18

Has A 13 teen year old female who is 5'5 with size 10 feet stop growing?

Definately No.

If a boy at 13 years old wears a size shoe what size do you'll think you will wear when you get older?

It Depends on how tall he is his feet may stop growing at the age 14 this is normal for a 14 year old ...

You wear a size 11 at the age of 12 years old so why are your feet so big?

Most foot growth occurs by the age of 13 - 15, so your feet should stop growing fairly soon!

At what age do feet stop growing I'm 13 male and i wear a size 10.5 US shoe. My mum thinks they won't grow any more but everyone else says I'll be a size 14 or bigger. Have my feet stopped growing?

you don't stop growing at age 13 unless you have a disability. sometimes your legs grow more then your feet, no one can really tell what size you will be but since you are at the puberty age your feet will grow, feet grow at a slow paste, be patient.

I am a fourteen year old girl that is five feet elven inches tall and have size thirteen feet How can I get these flippers to stop growing?

You are very lucky to have the size feet that will support your frame, if you had small dainty size 6 or 7, you would look lopsided when you walk, so stand up straight and look regal! No one will ever look down on you!. Your feet will stop growing when they are ready, which will be very soon!

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Im 14 years old, im 5'10.5 ft tall and i wear a size 10 shoe, when will my feet stop growing