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Q: When were black and white shorts released on fantage?
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Why do Manchester united wear black football shorts and sometimes white?

they wear the white shorts to avoid a color clash between man C or other teams who wear white shorts

Where do you get the blue Argentina shorts against Mexico 2010?

But Argentina wear their blue and white striped jersey and black , not white shorts.

What color shorts did rocky marciano usually wear?

In televised bouts Marciano wore alternately black shorts with white stripes, or white shorts with black stripes, these colours were standard due to the black and white cameras used at the time, however in his earlier Professional career he would usually wear yellow shorts with a purple stripe, these were the shorts presented to him whilst fighting as an amateur at Lowell, Ma.

Is there black shorts to Manchester uniteds home kit?

No, Manchester United's home kit shorts are white.

Do waistcoats go with shorts?

Yes. if it is a jean waistcoat, tan, brown, black, or white waistcoat and denim shorts. :)

What is the gem combo for the girls angel wings on fantage?

2 black 1 white

What is the gem combo for girl's angel wings on fantage?

2 black and 1 white

Who plays in yellow shirt black shorts and white socks?


What color world cup team wore black and white?

Both England and Germany play in white jerseys and black shorts.

What are the colors of Liverpool?

home kit top red shorts red. away kit top white and red.alternitive top black and yellow shorts black and yellow

What year was black or white released?

Black or White was released 1991

How many outfits can you make if you have black blue and white shorts and a white yellow and green shirt?