When was PS4 created?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: When was PS4 created?
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Where can you find a ps4?

They do not make a PS4 and may never name a console the PS4

Does The PS4 Camera Come with the PS4?


Did the PS4 come out?

No, there has been no announcement of the PS4 yet.

What is better PS4 or xbox360?


Is the xbox one better the the PS4?

PS4 definatly

Is the PS4 better the the xbox one?

PS4 definatly

If you trade in a Game Ghost can you get a PS4?

No you can not get a PS4 if you trade in your game Ghost. In order to get the PS4 game system you will have to pay.

Should you wait for the PS4 slim?

No there are no plans to release a new slim PS4 model. The PS4 is just called the PS4 and not the PS4 slim. A model is called slim when a fatter larger device is upgraded to a smaller slimmer unit. The PS4 will not even be released until the 2013 holiday season

Will the be ps4?

The PS4 will happen. It is rumored to be released Holiday 2013.

What place does PS4 come out at?

The PS4 from Sony is developed in Japan

How can you get dc universe online for PS4 if you already bought it on ps3?

You can go to the PlayStation store and download the PS4 version on your PS4

Which is better PS4 or Xbox 360?

Since the PS4 has more feature and better graphics, In my opinion I would say PS4!