When should you use condoms?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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When you want to take steps toward preventing pregnancy, and when you want to prevent transmission of STDs.

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Q: When should you use condoms?
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Which cream should i used during the sex?

If you use condoms, then water based creams should be used. Oil based can cause harm to the latex used in condoms.

Can you use a condom a second time?

Condoms should only ever be used once. For more information on the correct use of condoms, please see the related question.

How long are condums good?

Condoms usually have a use by date printed on the back of the wrapper. Condoms are usually good for a year or two if they are stored properly. Condoms should not be stored in wallets.

Should you use condoms after a miscarriage?

You should wait about a month until you have sex afterwards and unless you want to get pregnant again, yes, use condoms. If you plan another child wait about 4 months to try to get pregnant.

What do Catholic use condoms for?

If they are practicing Catholics they could not use condoms.

How do you use the withdrawal method correctly?

You don't, because it DOESN'T prevent pregnancy! You should be using condoms!

Whats mistake you should not do if you want to be pregnant?

* You should avoid sexual intercourse * If you insist on have sexual intercourse, use protections such as condoms or "the pill"

Do gay people need to use condoms?

Anyone, gay or straight, should practice safe sex, whether that be using condoms, or practicing monogamy.

What do people use for protection?


What to use to have protective sex?


If you have an uti can use condoms?


How effective are condoms and withdrawal?

There is no use for withdrawal when using condoms. If you are afraid of the condom being burst then use a spermicide along with condoms. No I have my beautiful baby boy because of the failure of this exact thing...