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Q: When should a patient be weighted?
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Should you run long distances with a weighted vest?

It depends on how active you are. If you are not active at all, you should not start out by running with a weighted vest on.

Should Little League players practice with weighted baseballs?

Little League players should work on developing accuracy and good mechanics first. Those skills don't require a weighted ball and a weighted ball might actually hinder progress in those areas.

5421 is example for weighted or non weighted code?


What action should you take after speaking to the patient?

After speaking with a patient on the phone, the correspondence should be documented in the patient's chart.

What is the homophone of weighted?

Waited is the homophone of weighted.

How is a weighted loss ratio calculated?

you add your weighted premiums and divide by your weighted claims. (you do not weight the loss ratios )

What are my chances of getting scabies?

1 in 2880 0.035% (estimates based on 131748 patient visits to healthcare providers from NAMCS and NHAMCS, weighted for USA demographics, 2006 to 2007)

Examples of weighted and non weighted codes?

weighted code-8421 (BCD) binary, hex, octal ETC. non-weighted code-grey codes, excess-3 etc.

When a patient and respiration are being counted it is best that the patient?

The patient should be resting or quietly sitting.

Should i show my patient their xrays?

Yes. A patient should be fully informed of their medical condition and all treatment should be explained.

Weighted average atomic mass?

What is weighted average atomic number

What does this mean I am so weighted with them the giver?

It means: He is weighted with memories.