When does your pulse slow down?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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In my opinion our pulse slow down in our sleep.

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Q: When does your pulse slow down?
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What do you do to slow down your pulse rate?

You do some exercises to slow down your pulse rate

What is likely to happen to your pulse as you get older?

A person's pulse normally slows down with age. Babies have very fast pulses, and they slow over time.

Your pulse rate started at 81 and then after a 120 minute run your pulse was only 120 is that right should your pulse be lower before you do your exercise?

Yes, the faster you exercise, the higher the pulse rate. Note: your pulse should and will eventually slow down and return to normal.

How do you slow your pulse?


What may result if calcium channel blockers slow the pulse?

If the pulse is too slow, circulation problems may result.

What to do if an animals pulse is to fast?

Calm it down, give it a drink of water, and it my slow from relaxation. If that doesn't work, i would go to a vet

Does the age of a person have any effect on their pulse?

Yes, the pulse tends to slow with aging.

How does pulse change?

It goes up and down, as you become active or inactive, excited or calmed.

Why pulse taken?

Pulse is taken as part of the vital signs. Assessing the pulse is a good indication of conditions that may affect the heart such as bradycardia (slow heart rate) or tachycardia (fast heart rate). Electric abnormalities can either slow down or increase the heart rate. Infections, inflammation, and anxiety are some of the other condition that can affect the heart rate.

If the pulse was 64 is it normal or it's slow?


What observations should be noted and recorded when you take a patient's pulse?

When taking a pulse you need to pay attention to the rate of the pulse (how fast/slow?) and the quality of the pulse (how weak/strong?).

What is slow down?

its when something is slowing down