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If you are sued in relation to an auto accident, the insurance company will pay for your defense as well as the damages up to the limit of your coverage. The defense costs are in addition to your damage limit.

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Q: When does auto insurance cover the cost of a lawsuit?
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Where is Valley Auto Insurance located?

Valley Auto Insurance is designed to help financially cover the cost of damages in the case of an accident. Valley Auto Insurance offers affordable coverage in Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.

How much does a telephone pole cost in Wichita KS?

If you have full coverage, your auto insurance should cover it.

Can you get auto insurance if you have not had auto insurance?

( maybe it will help you

Does auto insurance cover catastrophic engine failure?

No - auto insurance is not the same as a warranty. Insurance protects you against claims by other parties who may be injured by your bad driving, and, if you carry collision insurance, helps defray the cost of repairing your car after an accident.

What is the cost for auto repair insurance?

The cost for an auto repair insurances depends on the coverage. These insurances can either cover the whole system or specific parts of the car. Costs also depend on the age of the car.

What should you worry about when searching for cheap auto insurance?

The quality of the coverage is probably the largest factor. If you are in a car wreck, will they cover the cost?

If your central heating and air unit has several parts that have stopped working will your insurance cover the cost of replacing the unit?

No, just like auto insurance will not pay to fix your motor.

What is the average cost of auto insurance in AZ?

The average cost of auto insurance depends on a lot of factors. Your age, driving record, location, type of car, and whether or not you have a garage or alarm, all play a factor in how much your auto insurance will cost.

What is the purpose of auto insurance?

The purpose of auto insurance is to help pay the cost of damages to at least the other persons car depending on the type of insurance it may cover your car it may even cover your car because of fire , wind, and water damage. If you get in an accident an you don't have any insurace you might have to pay a fine and or lose your license.

What is an auto-insurance quote?

It's the cost of the insurance policy that is "quoted" to you by the insurance agency.

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One can find low cost auto insurance quotes in the US from the 'My Low Cost Auto'. Low cost quotes are also available from 'Cheap Car Insurance Auto' and 'State Farm'.

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