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Q: When do most people usually void during the day normal voiding routine?
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When are normal voiding times?

Usually, it depends on how much the person drinks and eats. Usually, the mornings and before bed time are the most known time of voiding, as long as you void everyday, it will be fine.

Is a cam belt checked during a routine service?

Cam belt or more commonly known as a timing belt does not get checked during normal routine service; it has to be replaced at the specified intervals in the owner's manual as a preventative maintenance.

What is the normal daily routine in mali?


Is it normal to throw up all the time and lose appetite while pregnant?

During the first trimester, it is usually normal.

What is the normal air pressure during a thunderstorm?

Thunderstorms are usually associated with low pressure.

What can you and can't you do during pregnancy?

During a normal pregnancy you can carry out all your normal activities. Smoking, alcohol and drug use is discouraged, due to risk to the baby. It is recommended that caffeine intake be limited and some doctors suggest not engaging in too strenuous of exercise routine.

What other things do Muslims do during fasting?

They offer prayers and try to avoid sinful activities. They do normal routine of life as usual.

Is it normal to be on your period and your pee to be normal color?

Yeah, I reckon. My pee's usually cloudy before my period, but during, it's pretty normal. Hard to tell though.

What is a synonym for regular?

usual, routine, natural, normal, proper

What is a synonym for the word regular?

routine, usual, natural, normal

Is it normal to moan during sexual intercourse?

Yes. Moaning is usually a sign of pleasure and orgasm :)

Is craving orange juice normal during pregnancy?

Yes, It's Fine You Usually Crave Sand And Washing Powder Too. Its Absolutely Normal.