When can an insurer cancel your insurance?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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It depends on your state and company. Some can non-renew you for filing too many claims some can do that if you live in a territory where they no longer want to have a certain exposure, like living on the coast and not wanting to have the same exposure to wind or hurricane damage. In some states it is very hard to non-renew an insured and the insured has to have a certain number of state "points" before you can non-renew.

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Q: When can an insurer cancel your insurance?
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After a claim can you still use your insurance policy?

An insurance policy should still remain valid for the remaining term following a claim providing that the claim is such that it does not require the insurer to cancel the policy. You should check with your insurer.

Is your insurance void if your license is suspended?

Generally NO. If your insurer wishes to cancel your policy they are required to notify you prior to cancellation.

What does an insurer have to to do before they can cancel an auto insurance policy?

They must let you know with enough time prior to the cancel date, (which is different than a non-renew, cancelling rarely occurs), for you to seek coverage else where.

Are you obligated once you sign a life insurance application?

No, you are not obligated. You can cancel your life insurance policy at any time. Usually, there is a "Free Look" Period for life insurance that lasts anywhere from 10-30 days where you can return your life insurance policy to the insurer and get a full refund of premiums paid. Review your life insurance policy and ask your agent, or insurer, about this option before canceling your life insurance policy.

Why do insurance companies cancel your policy once you have a claim?

It is very rare that an insurer would cancel your policy after a single claim unless the insurer determines that the claim was the result of some severe negligence or a persistent moral hazard such as lack of maintenance. Multiple claims however are another matter. Excessive claims activity usually will result in the companies reassessment of the risk factors associated with a homeowners insurance policy.

How many accidents does it take for an insurance company to drop you?

If your insurer can demonstrate that you present a substantially different risk than that to which they originally agreed, they can cancel your policy. There is no 'magic' number.

How do you cancel my insurance?

Call your insurance agent and tell them you would like to cancel your insurance.

Does medical insurance have to pay bill even if you cancel after procedure?

Yes, the insurer will pay for your care as long as you had coverage on the date of the surgery. It does not matter that in the month after the surgery, you ended your coverage.

What happens when your car insurance is cancelled by the insurance company?

What happens is that you get a new insurance policy, possibly with another insurer. Any unearned premium will be returned to you by your insurer.

Who is the principal of a common law insurance broker in an insurance transaction?


If your car is stolen can you cancel your insurance?

I Think You Can Cancel Your insurance....idk That's Just My Guess..

Is there a time your not covered when changing insurance company from one to another?

Generally the best thing to do is to secure the new insurance, and then present the documentation of the new insurance to the old insurer so that they can cancel that policy as of the effective date of the new insurance. Your new insurance company may take care of this notification for you. This sequence will avoid any gaps in your coverage.