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Q: When are safe days after the menstruation?
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Is 10 days after menstruation safe?

When you count ten days from the day your menstruation started is safe. Linda Adams

The first day of your menstruation is on June 16What date is your safe days?

Your safe days are those when you carry a condom in your purse.

How many days after menstruation count it safe?

None, some days are more likely than others but nona are safe.

Is five days after menstruation safe?

No you should really check up with a doctor!

Is it safe about 8 days before menstruation?

Yes. If u use a condom.

Is it safe to have intercourse on the 6 days of your menstruation?

It's safe if I'll make love for my bf after my menstruation 6 days count from the first of my menstruation I start 3 and finish 7 than I'll make love date of 10 it's safe or I'm getting pregnant?

Is it safe to get sex 8 days after your menstruation?

As long as you have no other health issues, it is safe to have sex at any time during your cycle.

Is it safe 9 days after menstruation?

If you mean sexual intercourse then it's unwise to rely on any so-called safe period. Get proper contraception.

How many days a woman is safe before menstruation?

This depends entirely on the individual woman's menstrual cycle. To determine 'safe days' a woman would have to use fertility awareness method to track her cycles.

How many days a woman is safe before and after the menstruation?

You can never be to careful so you should always use the pill or a condom

Your menstruation period is usually 31 days but one month it came to 37 days is this a problem?

your menstruation period is actually 28 days

Is it safe to have only two days of menstruation?

Some people do only have two days in their cycle, but it mean that you have a very thin uterus lining. That might be a problem if you ever want to have a baby.