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no not at all

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Q: When a woman sit on top of your stomach then is it bad for your health?
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Why is your stomach getting bigger with sit ups?

Sit ups do not burn stomach fat. Sit ups build and tone stomach muscles.

Why do woman sit on stomach when they are fighting?

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What sit up measure?

sit ups measure your stomach strength.

How do you remove side stomach fat?

when you do sit ups justtwist your body (stomach) side to side. l when you do sit ups just twist you stomach side to side

What exercises can a woman do to get the line down her ribcage and stomach?

Women can get the line down their rib cage and stomach by doing exercises and eating a diet that helps to lose fat and build muscle. A woman can do sit ups, lift weights, drink water everyday, eat breakfast and control stress.

Is school in Canada actually bad for your health?

This is my own question I am answering. I don't know if school is bad for your health in America. I asume it is the same as here. In Canada, school is not bad for your health. It is unhealthy to sit for more then 6 hours a day straight. With school, reccess and P.E. (Gym) and walking to classes (Grade 7+) balances out. If you didn't do all that stuff, you would sit for more then 6 hours a day straight. That is unhealthy. Thanks. Bye.

What does sit ups measure?

sit ups measure your stomach strength.

Do situps burn lower abdominal fat?

No. Sit ups and crunches do nothing to lower stomach fat. You can not "target" fat loss. You have to lower your total body-fat percentage. How you do that is to lower the amount of fat you consume in your food and up the amount of exercise you do to burn the fat that is already there. Also, Sit ups and crunches are very bad for your back. If you want to develop your stomach muscles, you should do various plank exercises. If you Google "sit ups are bad for your back" you'll see literally hundreds of pages of documentation that shows why they are bad for you. Personal fitness instructors who know what they are doing do not have their clients do sit ups and crunches anymore.

When you do sit ups is your stomach supposed to hurt?


Do buffalo sit?

You may see a buffalo sit but usually they lay down on there stomach to rest.

What dances help stomach?

The belly dance and sit ups on a daily basis help the stomach.

Where does the baby sit inside your stomach at 3-4 weeks?

A baby NEVER sits inside your stomach