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Q: When a person losses fluid by sweating or bleeding what minerals are lost in greatest quantity?
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When a person loses fluid by sweating or bleeding what minerals are lost in greatest quantity?

sodium and chlorida

What minerals are mostly lost in sweating and bleeding?

Sodium and Chloride

Why are minerals important when exercising?

by exercise the minerals excited by sweating

How do minerals help in sports?

Minerals will help you stay healthy, and in "performance" shape

What types of procedures to help the sick in the middle ages?

Bleeding out the illness, black powder and sweating it out.

What is the origin of Sweating like a stuck pig? isn't sweating like a stuck pig...the saying is "Bleeding like a stuck pig"......a stuck pig has been stabbed with a knife or another sharp object.

What physical conditions can contribute to malnutrition?

Nutrient loss can be accelerated by diarrhea, excessive sweating, heavy bleeding (hemorrhage), or kidney failure.

Which shows the greatest amount of psychic distance?

A young man runs down a city sidewalk, sweating and panting.

Do you burn off sodium without sweating?

You don't burn off sodium as you do fat or carbohydrates. Rather you excrete it and other minerals in your urine.

What signs and symptoms might you see in internal abdominal bleeding What would you do?

Flushed face, sweating, heavy breathing and intense abdominal pain. Go to a hospital.

What are the symptoms of colon polyps?

Colon polyps often has no symptoms. However, some symptoms of colon polyps are pain, obstruction, rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, sweating and many more.

Is the word sweating a verb?

The word sweating is an adjective.