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put 'un' in front of it

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Q: What would you do to desirable to make undesirable?
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Are all changes desirable what can be undesirable changes why?

desirable changes are changes which we desire. Undesirable changes are changes which we dont desire. for example:souring of milk is a undesirable change and ripening of fruits is a desirable one.

What is another word for not desirable?

Undesirable is an example.

What is the prefix of desirable?


Who are desirable and undisirable according to Hitler?

desirable: blonde hair blue eyes undesirable: jews

How is rain sometimes desirable and sometimes undesirable?

rains are desirble in times of drought and undesirable in the times of flood

What is the opposite of desirable?

Undesirable, bad, unattractive, disagreeable, disgusting...

What are you assessing when desirable or undesirable characteristics of personality are evaluated?


Is RH bill desirable because it is pleasurable?

no. Its a matter of controlling what is undesirable.

What do you do if something is 40 percent?

The answer depends on whether the something is desirable or undesirable.

What are the examples of undesirable changes and desirable changes?

A desirable change is one that you do want, or desire.An undesirable change is one that you have not expected and is unwanted.

What is the opposite word of desirable?

Perhaps undesirable is the word you seek.Objectional and unsuitable also fit...

When is friction desirable and undesirable in rugby?

Desirable in scrummaging when the two packs form together. Without friction they would slip off which is dangerous. Friction is also desirable when making the tackle. And when sidestepping you need good grip. Undesireable when trying to evade the tackle.