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Q: What would it be like to be swallowed whole?
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What is oral drugs?

Oral drugs are drugs that are taken via the mouth and swallowing them. These would be drugs that come in a pill form and are either swallowed whole or chewed then swallowed.

Has a shark ever swallowed anyone whole?


Can an athletic sock be swallowed whole by a human?


Can someone be swallowed whole?

While it would seem like a boa could eat a baby or small child, they are not strong enough to. There are a few urban legends floating about saying otherwise.

What would happen if dog swallowed a duck that swallowed a fish that swallowed a live wasp?

well first off, how big is this duck cos if the dog swallowed it whole, chances are it would choke. Second, how would the fish swallow a live wasp if fish live in water? Surely cos the fish lives in water, the wassp would drown and not be alive. BUT if this was liek a wierd world where this could happen...then everyone would die.

What phobia is the fear of being swallowed whole?


How did Fenrir kill Odin?

He swallowed him whole, and alive.

What rhymes with swallowed whole?

Keeping with the reptile theme... Anole !

Can a human live in a belly of a fish?

Assuming they were swallowed whole they would probably suffcate pretty quickly, unless it was a really big fish...

What would happen if a gorilla ate a bomb?

If a gorilla ate a bomb, assuming it swallowed a whole, lit bomb, the gorilla would explode, causing a large mess

What would happen if you swallowed a lemon?

A whole lemon??? If so you would probably choke. But small pieces of lemon are OK.

When you eat corn why does it come out whole?

Seeing whole kernels in the stool means it was swallowed before it was chewed.