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Worn out tie rod ends ,idler arm, and Pittman arm would be the most suspectted culprits, but control arm and stabilizer arm bushings are also contributors to wobbling front ends!

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Q: What would cause front wheels to wobble side to side at 40-45 mph on 95 gmc?
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Would a bad wheel bearing cause your front to hum and wobble?


What would cause a 02' Chevy Cavalier to wobble sometimes and other times not. Same speed in both cases and I have already replaced the wheels once because they were bent?

front drive shafts maybe

What would cause a steering wheel and entire large car both to wobble violently?

Worn-out ball joints in the steering linkage or suspension. This allows the steering angle between the wheels to vary, causing them to wobble.

What would cause a Wobble sound from front of 1995 explorer?

cause you might not of put tighten the tire when you replaced it . or your rim is bent, did you hit a curb?

Why do the front wheels buckle when turning?

Buckle defined: To bend; to cause to kink, or to become distorted. Low air pressure would be the reason for the front wheels to "buckle"

What would cause 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee front wheels to point opposite directions?

For the front wheels to point different directions there is something bent, broken, or disconnected in the steering linkage or front suspension.

What is toe-in?

It refers to the alignment of the wheels on a car. If you were to face the front bumper of a car, and you could grab the front tires at about the mid-way from the ground to the top of the tire, and then pull the wheels together towards the center of the car, then you would have cause a toe-in alignment of the front wheels.

Can a drive train cause a wobble?

I would say the drve train would cause a vibration. A wobble could be from a bad tire, unbalanced tire, bent rim, bad tie rod joint.

What would cause a wobble at driver side front on 2003 GM 1500?

Loose wheel or tire under inflated or tierod pooched or wheel bearing gone .

What would cause a vehicle to shake when driving?

It needs an front end alinement or your tires & wheels need rotated

What would cause clunking noise in front wheels of a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?

Bad Struts

Why would your audi wobble at high speed?

A possibility is that you have an alignment problem. Check to see if your wheels need to be aligned and balanced.