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Anemia - low blood counts.

Also hair loss and fatigue.

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Q: What would be the effects of not eating enough iron?
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How does Iron Deficiency anaemia develop?

by not eating enough iron

What are the Short term effects of not enough iron on the body?

something not sure

What are the primary factors that brings about malnutrition?

Not eating enough of something your body needs, example iron.

What problem concerning iron can result from eating too much junk food?

Eating too much junk food that does not contain enough iron for the body to function can lead to anemia. Anemia is from a lack of iron in the blood. Iron is needed to produce healthy red blood cells.

What at the side effects of ferrous sulfated 325 MG?

I would like know side effect from this iron pill ferrous sulfated 325 mg. every time I take it my stomach start to burn with eating or not

What is an important role for iron?

You need lots of iron in your diet because it makes you magnetic. This is why we stay on the earth and why gravity works. If you don't eat enough iron, you can float off into space. Also, swallowing whole magnets can substitute for eating iron in foods.

What effects does iron deficiency have on ESR?

It would cause the ESR to go up

How do you conserve iron?

by not eating it

Can eating ice help an iron defficeiency?

Eating Ice Does Not Lower Your Iron. It Is The Same Principle As Cold Water.

What does it mean if i eat very good and can't get enough energy to lift weights and also bruise very easy?

sounds like you have anemia, try eating foods gigh in iron, and taking iron supplements

Can not eating meat delay your period?

No, generally speaking not eating meat isn't going to have a big effect on your menstrual cycle, certainly not enough to delay menstruation. If not eating meat has caused you to become anemic, it could delay your period. Take vitamins with iron.

What are the effects of iron on animals?

It flattens them