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Let's see if anyone can beat 11.

locks (admittedly, some of these are stretches):

  • Locks - plural noun: things that secure or fasten, usually with a key
  • Locks - verb: to secure or fasten, like with a key
  • Locks - verb: makes immovable
  • Locks - plural noun: sectioned off parts of a canal used to raise and lower boats in the water
  • Locks - plural noun: old-timey firing pin, like in a flintlock pistol
  • Locks - plural noun: certainties, like "Our pitches were so solid, these sales are locks."
  • Locks - sections of hair, usually curly
  • Lox - noun: smoked salmon
  • LOX - noun: liquid oxygen
  • Lochs - plural noun: Scottish lakes, like Loch Ness
  • Lauks/Lawks - plural noun: exclamations of surprise, euphemism for Lord

If those are too much of a stretch, Air has 10:

  • Air - noun: breathable gas
  • Air - noun: appearance or mannerism, like "putting on airs"
  • Air - verb: to publicly express an opinion
  • Air - verb: to ventilate, like "I took off my shoes to air my socks"
  • Ere - preposition: before
  • E'er - contraction: ever
  • Aire - noun: old timey song
  • Heir - noun: that guy that's gonna get my stuff when I die
  • Are - noun: 100 square meters
  • Err - verb: mistake
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The word "rose" has the most homophones, which includes rose, rows, and roes.

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Q: What word has the most amount of homophones?
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What is the definition of the homophones of profit?

A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word. "Prophet" and "profit" are homophones.

What is the homophones smallest in amount?

little tiny

What do you call word that sound the same but have different meanings?

These are homonyms or homophones.

is homophones a compound word?


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least, leased

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for and four

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Yes, there are several homophones for "bizarre," such as "bazaar" (a type of market) and "baser" (comparative form of the word "base").

The word for For- Fore-Four?

Those are homophones.

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There are no homophones for the word agrees.

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Him and hymn are homophones.