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As long as the other company accepts liability you don't have to notify your insurance company. Also as long as no one in your vehicle was injured you shouldn't have any problem. If you do have trouble your carrier or agent can assist you with the claim. If anyone was injured in your vehicle and depending on state law your insurance company may have to pay "med pay" claims. Med Pay is a form of coverage that usually has smaller limits and is designed to pay medical expenses no matter who is At Fault and it pays for you and your passengers up to the limit on your policy. If there were no injuries there should be no problem.

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Q: What will happen with your insurance company if you do not turn in an accident that someone else who was at fault turned in to there policy?
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What can happen when you have full coverage on your car and lend your car to someone who has an expired drivers license and they get into an accident?

You can be sued, and your insurance company can deny the claim.

What is the worst that can happen if you let someone with a suspended license drive your car?

They'll have an accident that is their fault, the insurance company will refuse to pay, the driver of the vehicle and the owner will be sued for everything they own and then some. Or they will be in an accident that is not their fault but the person who owns the vehicle will have their insurance cancelled and will have to pay a fortune for future coverage.

What will happen if you have changed insurance companies since an accident and are now being sued over it?

Your old insurance company will be liable. You should be calling and talking to your claims department

Can you be held responsible if someone else gets in an accident in your car?

YES. As owner of that vehicle you can be sued for things that happen in it. Most insurance companies cover people you loan your car to as "permissive users" but check with your company.

If unlicensed driver in New Jersey takes his mothers car without knowledge and gets in an accident what will happen with court and insurance?

Your mom could loose everything by being sued by the other drivers insurance company. Because you are unlicensed and took the car without permission her insurance company will not cover the accident and you are likely to get a ticket.

What will happened to the insurance member if the owner of the insurance company commit suicide?

An Insurance company cant commit suicide. So, I am not sure what you are trying to ask here. If you are asking about, what would happen if the insurance policy holder commits suicide? In that case too, nothing will happen. The insurance company will not pay any money to the deceased persons family. Insurance claims can be made only if death occurs by accident or natural causes. Not suicide.

Which companies offer drink driving insurance?

Drinking and driving is illegal everywhere. No insurance company can provide a policy for illegal activities. Drinking and driving is dangerous, not to mention that if a car accident were to happen, insurance would not cover it.

What can happen if you do not notify your insurance company that you are driving under a suspended license and have had an accident?

They will probably try to deny coverage on your claim. Did you inform them that your license was suspended? Probably not, I imagine.

What insurance is the most important for small businesses?

The most important insurance that a small business can have is public liability insurance as accidents can happen and this is the most common accident that will happen that will result in a pay out.

What would happen if you had a serious motorcycle accident with no insurance?

you would have to pay for everything out of pocket

What can happen to you if you gave incorrect information in an accident report?

You have a problem. That is called a lie and any number of things can happen. If you are taken to court you can loose your case over the lie. The insurance company can drop you and depending on where you are the police could fine you.

What will happen if someone sues your homeowners insurance How will this affect me?

First the suit will not be filed against the insurance company but against you as the homeowner. Your insurance company will come in and protect you from the suit. This is covered under your liability section of the insurance policy. Your coverage includes legal fees in addition to the amount of coverage on your liability section.