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Walter Camp Jr. and Janet Camp

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2 kids walter camp jr. and janet camp

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Q: What were Walter Camps kids names?
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What were walters kids names?

Walter Camp Jr. and Janet Camp

What are Lisa ann Walter's kids names?

Jordan, Delia, Spencer, and Simon.

Did Walter camp have a wife and kids?

Walter Camp did have a wife and children. His wife was Alice Graham Sumner and his children were names Walter Jr. & Janet.

What were some of the names of the kids in concentration camps?

hannah, amora, leeah and all sorts of others.

Were there kids at the dachau concentration camp?

No, kids were only at women's camps, at extermination camps, or in a few cases at concentration camps for children and young people.

What camps were the gas chambers located in during the holocaust what were the names of the camps?

concentration camps.

What is Walter Camps wife's name?

Walter Camp's wife's name was Alice Graham Sumner.

Are boot camps for kids safe?

Boot camps are safe because they are provided with safe people to train your kids to be disciplined.

What are the names of the internment camps from World War 2?

concentration camps

What did they do with the kids in concentration camps?

In extermination camps kids (under 14, and often under 15) were gassed as soon as practical after arrival.

What are the names of Walter Dean Myers kids?

Walter Dean Myers had three children: Michael, Karen, and Christopher.

Are the names Richard and Arthur and Walter bad names to called your kids these days?

No, names like Richard, Arthur, and Walter are classic and timeless choices for children. They may not be as common as modern names, but they have a sense of tradition and dignity that can make them stand out in a positive way. Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a name that you and your child will love.