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Q: What weight oil for john deere l111 tractor?
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When using John deere lawn tractor L111 why does the battery not hold its charge when not in use.?

There could be a parasitic draw. An amp draw may be as simple as electrolytic moisture across the top of the battery. To check for a draw from the tractor an amp meter needs to be connected in series between a battery terminal and the terminal's connector. I don't know what the spec is, but I would think anything above 30 mA is too much. I would test the battery first to know if it is good.

I have a John Deere L111 riding mower is there a cheaper oil filter than the John Deere brand maybe even a car filter what do you recommend?

I would recommend using the proper John Deere brand oil filter, even if it is more expensive. Using the wrong kind of oil filter could cause a lot of damage to the mower, the repairing of which could be more expensive than buying the correct type of filter in the first place. Of course you can use a different brand of oil filter. After all, John Deere does not make oil filters in the first place. That John Deere filter is made by another filter company and just branded with John Deere. I recommend Purolator oil filters. They make OEM filters for many companies and may even make the John Deere filter. You are just paying a premium price for the name and nothing more. Go to any auto parts store that sells Purolator filters and tell them the model filter your lawn mower uses and they will cross reference it with Purolator. Bosch, & Wix are also great filters.

What auto solenoid fits john deere mower L111?

The starter solenoid for most old Fords will work. If you need something specific, a 1975 Ford F-150 starter solenoid will work. Just make sure your replacement solenoid has 2 large posts and 2 small posts. (They all have 2 large posts, its the number of small posts thats important). You can also order an exact replacement for about $15 here: Good luck!

How do you loosen the sheaves on a pulley for a john deere L111?

The sheaves should just pull off. They have a bearing on the inner diameter of the sheave that mounts on a threaded stud. If the sheave doesn't just pull off, hopefully it is the smaller on and you can remove the lever arm assembly. Then put the sheave on an open vise so the sheave is on the vise and you can tap the threaded rod with a hammer. This isn't great for the bearings, but this is only a lawnmower deck.

What is the highest common factor of 56 168 182?

The GCF is 14.

What is the value of a Hammond Organ model 132149?

about 2-300 quid!( in good working order and condition)

How do I adjust mower deck on L111 john deere?

Side to side leveling, measure blade tip at its outermost point to the ground on both right and left side (level surface). Turn right lift link in or out to adjust...1 full turn equals 1/8 inch. Difference side to side should not be more than 1/8 inch. Front to rear leveling, Turn right blade to front/rear position, measure front to ground then turn blade 180 degrees and measure rear to ground. Rear should be 1/8 inch more than front. Adjustment is by turning the yokes on the front of the deck (below draft arm connection) after removing draft arms. Again one full turn equals 1/8 inch. To adjust cutting height, With the mower lifted as high as possible, there is a T shaped screw at the left rear of the tractor which controls the height. Turn this stop counterclockwise as far as possible then lower the deck to the desired cutting height, stop engine and turn the screw clockwise until it stops. Now the cutting height is set.

What is the easiest way to learn the binary system?

By Kathleen Fung / I just forgot to sign in b4 i did thisOk because I love Binary Code I think I can explain how it works so here you go....Binary CodeWhen reading binary code you HAVE to read it from Right to left not normally from left to right. There are slots you use. 8 actually. So how it works is slot are worth diffrent amount of #'s1= 12= 23= 44= 85= 166= 327= 648= 128So there all the numbers ahead of them times its nxn in an algebra expression.Question: (answer them)a) 100b) 0001000c)100000d)0010Answers:a)4b)4c)32d)2To get the total value of a binary # add the values corresponding to each slot. so for example three in binary would be 00000011 or just 11The above corresponds to three because if you add the total values of all the slots, that is to say a one from the slot to the right, and a two from the second slot to the right, then it equals three.(e.g) let's say you wanted to represent 5 in binary terms. Then you would nees a value of one to be a value of two:101 (101= 1(equals four)+0(equals two)+1(equals one)= 5 so its 4+1=5additional (e.g)001011 (1+1+0+1+0+0/ thirty two+sixteen+eight+four+two+one=11Question:1101111001010110110Answers:2762122ASCII is essentially the letters, numbers, and symbols that are stored in our computers throught the use of fonts. When the keyboard repays the buttond you pressed, it sends in a code which is then converted to the ASCII equivalent of 'k' or '5' or whatever key you press.(e.g) 0100100001100101011011000110110001101111there are only so many letters, #, and symbols stored for ASCII. having setd of 8 didgets for their binary equivalent is more than enough to represent all of these letters and the like. As such, all strigns that represent text like the one above are separated into bits of 8 for simplicity.01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111So our example message was separated into 8 didget strigns the decimal value for each of these strigns in the example I calculate for you.01001000 = 7201100101 = 10101101100 = 10801101100 = 10801101111 = 111Now there is something called ASCII Table. It coresponds to the binary # from 1/ or to the equivalent #'s/Letters/ Symbols. But since we found the decimal values of these strings we can use a major short cut.By pressing ALT and (#) on the phone looking/number pad you will get the ASCII equivalent for that #. for e.g my message was.....72 = H101 = E108 = L108 = L111 = OQuestion:01000011011011110110111001100111011100100110000101110100011101010110110001100001011101000110100101101101111011011100111001100100001(its all together)so do what i just showed you with the 'HELLO' one. separate them into slots/strigns of 8.i did this one when i was learning this as well so this is all from my sheet of work i did....67 = C111 = o110 = n103 = g114 = r97 = a116 = t117 = u108 = l97 = a116 = t105 = i111 = o110 = n115 = s33 = !Because in our # slots we only go up to eight this is the # slots for you...______ _____ _____ ______ _____ _____ _______ _______128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1REMEMBER READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFTand because It took so long for me to test all the letters #'s and symbols i could get these are the ones i got....Lower Case Letteringa/97b/98c/99d/100e/101f/102g/103h/104i/105j/106k/107l/108m/109n/110o/111p/112q/113r/114s/115t/116u/117v/118w/119x/120y/121z/122Capital LetteringA/65B/66C/67D/68E/69F/70G/71H/72I/73J/74K/75L/76M/77N/78O/79P/80Q/81R/82S/83T/84U/85V/86W/87X/88Y/89Z/90numbering0/481/492/503/514/525/536/547/558/569/57and the symbols if you want them ou have to try and find yourself though there throught #'s 1 and 38 and some more that i didn't get another E.G before i go is1101001010000110001011100001011000110110101001101010011001110110which is my name Kathleen.So good luck with this Code and remember a 13 year old can learn this to because that's me :)2009

Can you cycle from rotterdam to budapest?

1,330 km (826 miles).Rotterdam, The Netherlands to Budapest, Hungary1. Head east on Weena toward Kruisplein 21 m2. Turn right at Kruisplein 0.2 km3. Turn left at Schouwburgplein 0.2 km4. Turn right at Karel Doormanstraat 0.6 km5. Continue onto Hartmansstraat 0.2 km6. Continue onto William Boothlaan 0.1 km7. Turn left to stay on William Boothlaan 50 m8. Turn right at Schiedamse Vest 0.3 km9. Turn left at Vasteland 0.2 km10. Turn right at Erasmusbrug 0.8 km11. Turn left at Wilhelminakade 0.2 km12. Continue onto Laan op Zuid 1.5 km13. Continue onto Varkenoordseviaduct 0.6 km14. Continue onto Stadionweg 0.7 km15. Slight right toward Stadionlaan 70 m16. Continue straight onto Stadionlaan 0.2 km17. Turn left at Sportsingel 0.4 km18. Turn right to stay on Sportsingel 31 m19. Turn left to stay on Sportsingel 0.2 km20. Continue onto Dwarsdijk 0.3 km21. Slight right to stay on Dwarsdijk 0.1 km22. Continue onto Groene Tuin 0.4 km23. Slight right to stay on Groene Tuin 0.6 km24. Slight right to stay on Groene Tuin 91 m25. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Groeninx van Zoelenlaan 0.7 km26. Continue onto Groeninx van Zoelenviaduct 0.1 km27. Continue onto Groeninx van Zoelenlaan 48 m28. Slight left to stay on Groeninx van Zoelenlaan 0.5 km29. Continue onto Rotterdamseweg 5.0 km30. Turn left at Oudelande 0.2 km31. Turn left at Oostmolendijk 0.6 km32. Slight right to stay on Oostmolendijk 0.2 km33. Slight right to stay on Oostmolendijk 0.5 km34. Turn left at Noordeinde 0.5 km35. Turn left toward Grote Beer 0.6 km36. Continue straight onto Grote Beer 0.8 km37. Slight right to stay on Grote Beer 1.2 km38. Turn right at Edisonweg (signs for Papendrecht) 0.4 km39. Continue onto Burgemeester Keijzerweg 54 m40. Turn left to stay on Burgemeester Keijzerweg 8 m41. Turn right to stay on Burgemeester Keijzerweg 0.8 km42. Turn left at Molenlaan 0.4 km43. Turn right at Wieklaan 0.3 km44. Slight left to stay on Wieklaan 0.3 km45. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Veerweg 0.3 km46. Turn right to stay on Veerweg 1.0 km47. Slight right toward Parallelweg 58 m48. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Parallelweg 3.5 km49. Turn right at Tolsteeg 0.1 km50. Turn left at Parallelweg 1.2 km51. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto N482/Stationsplein 0.5 km52. Slight left to stay on N482/Stationsplein 0.1 km53. Continue onto SportlaanGo through 1 roundabout 1.6 km54. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Schapedrift 1.8 km55. Turn right to stay on Schapedrift 30 m56. Turn left to stay on Schapedrift 0.2 km57. Turn left at Weideveld 66 m58. Continue onto Stationsstraat 0.4 km59. Continue onto Parallelweg 2.7 km60. Continue onto Koningin Wilhelminalaan 0.9 km61. Turn left at Tiendweg 1.5 km62. Turn right at Rivierdijk 0.2 km63. Turn left to stay on Rivierdijk 2.1 km64. Continue onto Nieuwe Wolpherensedijk 0.2 km65. Turn right to stay on Nieuwe Wolpherensedijk 0.8 km66. Turn left to stay on Nieuwe Wolpherensedijk 0.3 km67. Slight right to stay on Nieuwe Wolpherensedijk 71 m68. Turn right toward Kerkeinde 0.9 km69. Continue straight onto Kerkeinde 0.9 km70. Turn right to stay on Kerkeinde 0.5 km71. Slight right at Notenlaan 0.6 km72. Turn left at Vijfmorgen 0.2 km73. Turn right at Tienhont 0.2 km74. Turn left at K van de Sandeplein 0.1 km75. Slight right at Oudland van Altenastraat 0.2 km76. Turn left at Rijksstraatweg 36 m77. Turn right at Zandpad 0.8 km78. Continue onto Jan Spieringweg 0.9 km79. Continue onto Ruigenhoekweg 0.6 km80. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Almkerkseweg 0.2 km81. Turn left at Lageweg 2.3 km82. Continue onto Langstraat 0.3 km83. Turn left at Pompstraat 83 m84. Turn right at Smidstraat 0.1 km85. Continue onto Heulstraat 0.3 km86. Turn right to stay on Heulstraat 0.4 km87. At Cees Edelman Rotonde, take the 1st exit onto Almweg/N322Continue to follow N322 0.8 km88. Turn right at N267 0.6 km89. Slight right to stay on N267 1.0 km90. Slight right to stay on N267Go through 1 roundabout 3.9 km91. Slight right at N267/Provincialeweg-OostGo through 1 roundabout 2.2 km92. Slight right to stay on N267/Provincialeweg-Oost 0.4 km93. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto N283/Provincialeweg-Zuid 87 m94. Turn left at De Kromme Nol/N831 0.9 km95. Turn right toward Nieuwe Maasdijk 0.9 km96. Turn left at Nieuwe Maasdijk 0.8 km97. Slight right to stay on Nieuwe Maasdijk 80 m98. Continue onto Tramhaven 0.1 km99. Turn right to stay on Tramhaven 47 m100. Continue onto Burchtplein 0.2 km101. Continue onto Burchtstraat 91 m102. Continue onto Putterstraat 0.3 km103. Turn right at Herptsestraat 0.2 km104. Turn left to stay on Herptsestraat 84 m105. Continue onto Heusdenseweg 1.1 km106. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Groenstraat 2.3 km107. Continue onto Heusdenseweg 0.9 km108. Turn left at Slegerslaan 0.8 km109. Continue onto Oude Haven 0.5 km110. Turn right at Inlaagdijk 1.1 km111. Continue onto Voordijk 1.6 km112. Turn left at Engelenseweg 30 m113. Turn right at De Gemeint 1.7 km114. Continue onto Kruiskamppad 0.1 km115. Turn left at Kruiskampsingel 0.3 km116. Turn right to stay on Kruiskampsingel 26 m117. Turn right to stay on Kruiskampsingel 69 m118. Continue onto Kooikersweg 0.6 km119. Slight left to stay on KooikerswegGo through 2 roundabouts 1.2 km120. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Simon Stevinweg 0.6 km121. Slight right to stay on Simon Stevinweg 76 m122. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Chr. Huygensweg 0.3 km123. Continue onto Stationstunnel 0.2 km124. Turn right at Koninginnenlaan 42 m125. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Stationsweg 0.2 km126. Continue onto Visstraat 56 m127. Continue onto Vismarkt 24 m128. Continue onto Visstraat 89 m129. Turn right at Hooge Steenweg 0.1 km130. Turn left at Markt 0.2 km131. Slight left at Hinthamerstraat 0.8 km132. Turn right at Zuid Willemsvaart 0.1 km133. Turn left at Oostwal 10 m134. Turn right at Maastrichtseweg 0.5 km135. Turn right to stay on Maastrichtseweg 1.5 km136. Continue onto N279 3.2 km137. Slight left to stay on N279 2.5 km138. Slight right to stay on N279 3.5 km139. Slight right at Kanaaldijk Noord/N279 1.4 km140. Slight left to stay on Kanaaldijk Noord/N279Continue to follow N279 3.2 km141. Slight right at N279/Rijksweg 0.6 km142. Slight right to stay on N279/Rijksweg 1.1 km143. Slight right to stay on N279/RijkswegContinue to follow N279 4.0 km144. Slight left at Bosscheweg/N279 1.2 km145. Slight left to stay on Bosscheweg/N279 3.8 km146. Slight right to stay on Bosscheweg/N279 56 m147. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Bosscheweg 0.5 km148. Slight right to stay on Bosscheweg 0.9 km149. Slight left to stay on Bosscheweg 1.5 km150. Slight left to stay on Bosscheweg 0.1 km151. Turn left at Gemertseweg/N272Continue to follow N272 0.2 km152. Turn right at Peeldijk 1.4 km153. Continue onto De Biezen 1.1 km154. Continue onto Grotel 0.9 km155. Continue onto Beekse Peeldijk 2.0 km156. Turn right at Kivitsbraak/N604Continue to follow N604 2.5 km157. Slight right at Gemertseweg/N604Continue to follow N604Go through 1 roundabout 4.9 km158. Slight left at Bakelseweg/N604Continue to follow Bakelseweg 0.7 km159. Continue onto Houtenhoekweg 72 m160. Turn left at Dunantweg 0.2 km161. Turn right at Swinkelslaan 0.2 km162. Continue onto Visser 0.3 km163. Slight left at MolenstraatGo through 1 roundabout 0.7 km164. Continue onto Zeilbergsestraat 1.5 km165. Turn left at Clarinetweg 1.1 km166. Turn right at Griendtsveenseweg 13 m167. Turn left to stay on Griendtsveenseweg 3.1 km168. Continue onto Deurneseweg 1.0 km169. Continue onto Apostelweg 0.2 km170. Slight left at Lavendellaan 1.0 km171. Slight left at Kanaalweg 2.1 km172. Continue onto Griendtsveenseweg 3.2 km173. Slight right at Wachtpostweg 0.7 km174. Turn left at Saarweg 32 m175. Turn right at Wachtpostweg 2.8 km176. Turn right at Tongerloseweg 0.4 km177. Continue onto Tongerlostraat 0.1 km178. Turn left at Blaktdijk 28 m179. Turn right at Tongerlostraat 0.9 km180. Turn right at Horsterweg 0.1 km181. Turn left at Venloseweg 0.6 km182. Slight left to stay on Venloseweg 57 m183. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Grubbenvorsterweg 0.2 km184. Slight right at Dorperdijk 2.7 km185. Continue onto Jacob Roggeveenweg 0.2 km186. At Marco Polo, take the 1st exit onto Marco Poloweg 0.7 km187. At Columbus, take the 1st exit onto Columbusweg 2.2 km188. Turn right to stay on Columbusweg 0.1 km189. Turn left at Eindhovenseweg/N556 4.2 km190. Slight right to stay on Eindhovenseweg/N556 0.2 km191. Turn right at N271/Roermondsepoort 6 m192. Slight left to stay on N271/Roermondsepoort 88 m193. Slight right at Koninginnesingel/N271 0.4 km194. At Koninginneplein, take the 3rd exit onto KaldenkerkerwegGo through 1 roundabout 2.4 km195. Slight right to stay on Kaldenkerkerweg 0.1 km196. Turn right at Bevrijdingsweg 76 m197. Turn left to stay on BevrijdingswegEntering Germany 0.7 km198. Continue onto Schwanenhaus 0.9 km199. Continue onto An der Kleinbahn/K16 0.6 km200. Slight left at L29/PoststraßeContinue to follow L29Go through 1 roundabout 2.8 km201. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto B7/Kölner Str. heading to Nettetal-Breyell/ViersenContinue to follow B7 2.2 km202. Turn right at Christian-Rötzel-Allee 0.3 km203. Continue onto Schellberg 0.2 km204. Turn left at Vorbruch 11 m205. Turn right toward Fongern/L387 0.2 km206. Turn right at Fongern/L387 76 m207. Turn left at L387/MetgesheideContinue to follow L387 1.0 km208. Turn left at Hubertusplatz 0.1 km209. Turn right to stay on Hubertusplatz 87 m210. Turn left at Boisheimer Str./K4Continue to follow K4 2.1 km211. Turn left at Brüggener Str./L373 0.2 km212. Turn right at B7/Nettetaler Str.Continue to follow B7 4.6 km213. Continue onto L475/Venloer Str.Continue to follow L475 0.6 km214. Turn right at L475/Lange Str. 60 m215. Turn left at Eintrachtstraße 1.8 km216. Continue onto Venner Str. 2.2 km217. Continue onto Rasselner Kirchweg 1.6 km218. Continue onto Venner Str. 0.3 km219. Continue onto Zum Venner Busch 0.5 km220. Turn left at K2/Venner Str.Continue to follow Venner Str. 1.2 km221. Turn right at Bergerstraße 0.4 km222. Continue onto Dülkener Str. 0.5 km223. Slight left at Roermonder Str. 46 m224. Continue straight onto Waldhausener Str. 0.2 km225. Turn right at B57/B59/Sternstraße 0.3 km226. Turn left at B230/B59/Waldnieler Str.Continue to follow B230/B59 0.8 km227. Turn right at Speicker Str. 9 m228. Turn left at B230/B59/Speicker Str.Continue to follow B230/B59 1.1 km229. Turn left at Hofstraße/K11 0.3 km230. Turn right at Südstraße 0.5 km231. Continue onto Am Gerstacker 0.8 km232. Slight right to stay on Am Gerstacker 10 m233. Turn left at Bonnenbroicher Str. 76 m234. Turn right at Freiligrathstraße 0.5 km235. Continue onto Hermann-Löns-Straße 37 m236. Slight left at Giesenkirchener Weg 0.4 km237. Turn left at Düsseldorfer Str./L370Continue to follow L370 0.8 km238. Slight right at Bahner 0.6 km239. Continue onto Konstantinstraße 1.0 km240. Continue onto Konstantinplatz 42 m241. Slight right to stay on Konstantinplatz 0.1 km242. Turn right at Dömgesstraße/L31Continue to follow L31 2.4 km243. Slight left toward Hoppers 0.4 km244. Continue straight onto Hoppers 0.2 km245. Turn left at Hoppers/L116Continue to follow L116 0.7 km246. Turn right at L116/LindenstraßeContinue to follow L116 4.3 km247. Slight left to stay on L116 0.7 km248. Turn left at Gierather Weg 0.7 km249. Turn right at Düsseldorfer Str. 34 m250. Turn left at Königstraße 0.5 km251. Turn left at Rheydter Str. 0.2 km252. Continue onto Elsbachtunnel 0.5 km253. Continue onto Montzstraße 0.3 km254. Continue onto Ostwall 0.7 km255. Continue onto Lindenstraße 0.6 km256. Slight right to stay on Lindenstraße 0.2 km257. Turn right to stay on Lindenstraße 28 m258. Turn left to stay on Lindenstraße 0.1 km259. Turn left at Zeppelinstraße 0.2 km260. Turn right at Aluminiumstraße/L361 1.4 km261. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto B59/Kölner LandstraßeContinue to follow B59 5.6 km262. Turn left at L375 0.3 km263. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Venloer Str.Go through 2 roundabouts 7.0 km264. Slight left at L93/Venloer Str.Continue to follow Venloer Str. 4.2 km265. Slight left at L183/Venloer Str.Continue to follow Venloer Str.Go through 1 roundabout 2.2 km266. Slight left at B59 0.7 km267. Slight right at B59/Venloer Str. 4.6 km268. Slight left to stay on B59/Venloer Str. 3.1 km269. Slight right at Limburger Str. 0.3 km270. Turn right at B9/Hohenzollernring 0.3 km271. Slight left at Rudolfplatz 0.1 km272. Continue onto Hahnenstraße/L111 0.1 km273. Turn right to stay on Hahnenstraße/L111 18 m274. Turn left to stay on Hahnenstraße/L111Continue to follow L111 1.3 km275. Continue onto Neumarkt 32 m276. Continue onto Heumarkt/L111Continue to follow L111 0.7 km277. Turn right at L82/Siegburger Str.Continue to follow L82 4.1 km278. Slight right at Kölner Str./L82Continue to follow L82 4.6 km279. Slight left at Hauptstraße/L82 0.2 km280. Turn left at Bahnhofstraße 0.5 km281. Turn left to stay on Bahnhofstraße 10 m282. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Kaiserstraße/L99 1.3 km283. Turn right at Elsdorfer Str. 0.3 km284. Turn left at Zündorfer Str. 0.1 km285. Turn right at B8/Frankfurter Str.Continue to follow B8Go through 1 roundabout 9.0 km286. Continue onto Kölner Str. 0.4 km287. Turn right at Wilhelmstraße 0.3 km288. Turn left at B8/Theodor-Heuss-Ring 0.5 km289. Slight right at L332/Langemarckstraße 68 m290. Turn left at L332/Willy-Brandt-RingContinue to follow L332 2.5 km291. Turn right at Industriestraße 0.6 km292. Turn right to stay on Industriestraße 0.5 km293. Turn right at L333/MahrstraßeContinue to follow L333 92 m294. L333 turns slightly right and becomes Wilhelmstraße 0.5 km295. Slight right to stay on Wilhelmstraße 22 m296. Continue straight onto Frankfurter Str./L333Continue to follow Frankfurter Str.Go through 3 roundabouts 7.5 km297. Continue onto Wingenshof 0.6 km298. Continue onto Frankfurter Str. 0.2 km299. Turn right at B8 4.8 km300. Slight right at In der Wirdau 0.7 km301. Turn right at B8/WesterwaldstraßeContinue to follow B8 8.6 km302. Continue straight onto B8/HauptstraßeContinue to follow B8 14.3 km303. Continue onto Wilhelmstraße 0.3 km304. Continue onto Schloßplatz 73 m305. Continue onto K151/RathausstraßeContinue to follow K151 1.6 km306. Turn right at B414Go through 1 roundabout 15.2 km307. Turn left 38 m308. Turn right toward Köln-Leipziger-Straße 1.6 km309. Continue straight onto Köln-Leipziger-Straße 1.4 km310. Turn left at B414 2.9 km311. Turn left at K31 (signs for Lautzenbrücken/Nisterberg) 1.8 km312. Turn right at Nisterstraße 0.8 km313. Turn left at B414 12.2 km314. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto B255 0.1 km315. Slight right to stay on B255 1.5 km316. Turn right at K83 95 m317. Turn left toward Zur Hassel 2.0 km318. Continue straight onto Zur Hassel 0.2 km319. Turn left at Turmstraße 0.2 km320. Turn right at Stadionstraße 76 m321. Continue straight onto L3044/Weilburger Str.Continue to follow L3044 0.8 km322. Turn left at K78/Zum EckergartenContinue to follow K78 1.3 km323. Continue onto Beilsteiner Str./K87 0.2 km324. Slight right at Driedorfer Str./K87Continue to follow K87 1.9 km325. Turn right at L3046 0.7 km326. Turn left at L3282/SchloßstraßeContinue to follow L3282 4.6 km327. Turn left at Mühlenweg 0.4 km328. Turn left at Lindenstraße 0.2 km329. Turn left at Katzenfurter Str./L3282Continue to follow L3282 3.2 km330. Turn right at Zum Welschenborn 0.2 km331. Turn left toward Friedhofstraße 1.3 km332. Continue straight onto Friedhofstraße 0.9 km333. Continue onto Borngasse 0.2 km334. Turn left at Ulmer Str. 79 m335. Slight right at Dillheimer Str./K64Continue to follow K64 1.2 km336. Turn left at Herborner Str./K64 0.3 km337. Turn right at B277/Herborner Str.Continue to follow B277Go through 2 roundabouts 1.8 km338. Turn right at Am Alten Dillufer 0.2 km339. Slight left to stay on Am Alten Dillufer 0.2 km340. Turn left toward B277 20 m341. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto B277 6.6 km342. Continue onto Hermannsteiner Str./L3376 1.1 km343. Turn left at Dillstraße 0.2 km344. Turn right at Wetzlarer Str. 0.2 km345. Turn left at Friedenstraße 49 m346. Turn right to stay on Friedenstraße 9 m347. Slight right at Falltorstraße 0.3 km348. Falltorstraße turns slightly left and becomes Weingartenstraße 0.5 km349. Turn left to stay on Weingartenstraße 0.2 km350. Continue onto Naunheimer Str. 0.5 km351. Turn left at L3285/Naunheimer Str. 2.0 km352. Turn right at Landschutzgasse 1.0 km353. Turn left toward Dammweg 0.8 km354. Turn right toward Dammweg 0.1 km355. Turn left at Dammweg 12 m356. Turn right toward Friedhofstraße 65 m357. Turn left at Friedhofstraße 0.4 km358. Turn left at Hinterstraße 0.1 km359. Turn left at L3020/Wetzlarer Str.Continue to follow L3020 5.3 km360. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Gießener Str./L3359 0.9 km361. Turn right at Heuchelheimer Str./L3499 0.5 km362. Slight right to stay on Heuchelheimer Str./L3499Continue to follow L3499 1.2 km363. Slight right at Gabelsbergerstraße/L3499Continue to follow L3499 0.3 km364. Turn left at Bahnhofstraße 0.3 km365. Turn right at Kaplansgasse 0.1 km366. Continue onto Neuenweg 0.2 km367. Turn right at Neuen Bäue 71 m368. Slight left to stay on Neuen Bäue 23 m369. Continue onto Berliner Pl./L3130Continue to follow L3130 2.2 km370. Turn right at B49/Grünberger Str. 0.1 km371. Slight left to stay on B49/Grünberger Str.Continue to follow B49 5.6 km372. Slight right 0.8 km373. Slight left at Hauptstraße/K154 1.2 km374. Turn left toward Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße 0.9 km375. Turn right at Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße 71 m376. Turn left at Schulstraße 0.5 km377. Turn right at B49/Grünberger Str.Continue to follow B49 11.1 km378. Turn right at Kolpingstraße/L3166Continue to follow L3166 11.3 km379. Turn left toward L3166/Wohnfelder Str. 0.7 km380. Turn left at L3166/Wohnfelder Str.Continue to follow L3166 4.4 km381. Slight left at Lacheweg 1.1 km382. Continue onto Strutweg 34 m383. Turn right to stay on Strutweg 0.2 km384. Turn left at Erlenweg 0.6 km385. Turn left 0.7 km386. Turn right toward Fellweg 1.5 km387. Continue straight onto Fellweg 0.2 km388. Turn left at L3139/Schottener Str.Continue to follow L3139 4.2 km389. Slight right to stay on L3139 28 m390. Turn right at L3139/Ringstraße Hoher VogelsbergContinue to follow L3139 14.2 km391. Turn left toward Struthweg 1.8 km392. Continue straight onto Struthweg 53 m393. Turn left at Blankenauer Str./L3139 0.8 km394. Turn left at L3139/L3141 1.6 km395. Turn right toward An der Lüder 28 m396. Turn left at An der Lüder 0.3 km397. Turn right at L3139/VogelsbergstraßeContinue to follow L3139 7.2 km398. Turn right at Mittelroder Str. 0.5 km399. Continue straight onto Gartenfeldring/K108Continue to follow K108 3.0 km400. Turn left at Backhausstraße 0.3 km401. Turn left at K101/Zeller Str.Continue to follow K101 2.3 km402. Slight right at Johannesberger Str./L3418 0.4 km403. Turn right at Harmerzer Str./K103 1.0 km404. Turn left at K100/Ziegeler Str. 0.3 km405. Turn right at Professor-Heller-Straße 0.4 km406. Turn left at Schimmelstraße 0.1 km407. Turn right at Bronnzeller Str./L3307Continue to follow L3307 2.6 km408. Turn left at Gersfelder Str. 1.0 km409. Continue onto L3307/WaltgerstraßeContinue to follow L3307 4.1 km410. Slight right at Am Marktplatz/L3458Continue to follow L3458 3.7 km411. Turn right at Brückenstraße/L3458 0.2 km412. Slight left at Hauptstraße/K68 0.4 km413. Turn left at Gichenbacher Str./K66Continue to follow Gichenbacher Str. 0.4 km414. Continue onto Gichenbach 1.1 km415. Slight left to stay on Gichenbach 1.3 km416. Turn right toward Gichenbach 0.2 km417. Continue straight onto Gichenbach 0.8 km418. Turn right to stay on Gichenbach 0.2 km419. Continue onto K66 2.6 km420. Slight right 0.2 km421. Slight left toward B279/Rodenbachstraße 4.7 km422. Turn left toward B279/Rodenbachstraße 0.1 km423. Turn right at B279/RodenbachstraßeContinue to follow B279 1.7 km424. Turn left at Geigensteinstraße 1.1 km425. Slight right to stay on Geigensteinstraße 19 m426. Turn left at B279 11.0 km427. Turn right at NES7 (signs for Schönau a.d. Brend/Burgwallbach) 0.7 km428. Continue onto Rhönstraße 0.6 km429. Turn right at B279 2.2 km430. Slight right toward B279 0.1 km431. Continue straight onto B279 5.0 km432. Turn right at Hauptstraße (signs for Brendlorenzen) 2.7 km433. Slight right at Hauptstraße/NES8 62 m434. Continue straight onto B19 0.6 km435. Slight right at Kastanienallee 50 m436. Turn right at Kastanienallee/NES3Continue to follow NES3Go through 1 roundabout 0.8 km437. Turn right at Falltorstraße/NES20Continue to follow NES20 0.4 km438. Slight left at Liebenthaler Str. 2.7 km439. Continue onto Grabigweg 26 m440. Slight left to stay on Grabigweg 0.1 km441. Turn left at Grüntorstraße 26 m442. Slight right to stay on Grüntorstraße 15 m443. Turn right at Herschfelder Str./NES3Continue to follow NES3 2.7 km444. Turn right toward B279 1.2 km445. Turn left toward B279 22 m446. Turn right at B279 10.9 km447. Turn left at Hindenburgstraße (signs for Stadtmitte/Franken-Therme) 0.3 km448. Continue onto Klosterstraße 35 m449. Turn right at Rathausstraße 0.1 km450. Continue onto Bamberger Str. 0.9 km451. Slight right to stay on Bamberger Str. 20 m452. Turn left at B279 16.0 km453. Turn left at B279/HauptstraßeContinue to follow B279 0.8 km454. Turn left toward Lindenstraße/St2428 2.5 km455. Slight left at Lindenstraße/St2428 0.2 km456. Turn left to stay on Lindenstraße/St2428 0.2 km457. Turn left to stay on Lindenstraße/St2428Continue to follow St2428 1.9 km458. Turn right at Eckartshausen 0.2 km459. Turn right at Eckartshausen/St2428Continue to follow St2428 3.6 km460. Turn right at Hafenreppacher Str./St2428Continue to follow St2428 1.9 km461. Continue onto Coburger Str. 0.3 km462. Turn left to stay on Coburger Str. 0.1 km463. Turn left to stay on Coburger Str. 57 m464. Slight right at Am Brunngrund 35 m465. Slight left 0.5 km466. Turn left toward CO16 1.8 km467. Turn right at CO16 4.3 km468. Turn right at Luitpoldstraße/St2204 0.2 km469. Turn left at Stadtweg 0.3 km470. Turn right at CO25 1.2 km471. Slight left toward CO25 1.5 km472. Turn left at CO25 1.6 km473. Continue onto CO12 0.1 km474. Turn right at CO25 4.1 km475. Turn right at CO25/UferstraßeContinue to follow CO25 0.9 km476. Turn left at CO12/Großheirather Str. 0.2 km477. Turn right at Coburger Str. 0.6 km478. Continue onto B289/Lichtenfelser Str.Continue to follow B289 8.2 km479. Turn left at An der Zeil 0.8 km480. Turn right at Thiersteinstraße 0.2 km481. Turn left at Pfarrweg 0.3 km482. Turn right at Weinbergstraße 67 m483. Turn left at Friedrich-Ebert-Straße/LIF2Continue to follow LIF2 2.8 km484. Turn right at Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße/LIF13 0.2 km485. Turn right to stay on Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße/LIF13 16 m486. Turn left at Obere Mühlenstraße 1.4 km487. Continue onto Michelauer Str. 1.4 km488. Turn left at Höringgasse 0.1 km489. Slight left at Brunnenstraße 14 m490. Turn right at Fugmannsberg 95 m491. Turn right at LIF2/Marktzeulner Str.Continue to follow LIF2 1.2 km492. Slight right at Am Flecken/St2191Continue to follow St2191 1.5 km493. Slight left at Hauptstraße/St2191 11 m494. Slight right to stay on Hauptstraße/St2191 15 m495. Continue straight onto B289 17.6 km496. Turn right at Aufeld 1.2 km497. Continue onto Maingasse 0.3 km498. Turn right at Rennweg 79 m499. Turn right at Hauptstraße/St2190 0.1 km500. Turn left at Zettlitzer Str. 1.8 km501. Continue onto Unterzettlitz 1.0 km502. Continue straight onto Oberzettlitz 0.3 km503. Continue straight to stay on Oberzettlitz 0.5 km504. Continue onto Gößmannsreuth 1.1 km505. Turn right at Gößmannsreuth/KU16Continue to follow KU16 3.4 km506. Turn left at KU16/LangenstadtContinue to follow KU16 1.9 km507. Turn left at St2189 3.5 km508. Turn right at B85 7.5 km509. Slight left at B85/Kulmbacher Str.Continue to follow B85 1.0 km510. Continue onto Am Mühltürlein 88 m511. Slight left at Maximilianstraße 0.4 km512. Continue onto Sternplatz 24 m513. Continue onto Richard-Wagner-Straße 0.5 km514. Continue onto Wieland-Wagner-Straße 0.6 km515. Continue onto B22/KönigsalleeContinue to follow B22 9.5 km516. Slight right at Hauptstraße 1.4 km517. Continue onto Einzigenhof 1.0 km518. Continue onto Wallenbrunn 53 m519. Turn right to stay on Wallenbrunn 1.9 km520. Continue onto Brüderes 0.3 km521. Turn right toward Brüdereser Str. 0.7 km522. Turn left toward Brüdereser Str. 0.3 km523. Turn right at Brüdereser Str. 0.2 km524. Turn right at St2184/Windischenlaibacher Str. 95 m525. Slight left at BT20/Nairitzer Str. 0.1 km526. Turn left at Tannenweg 0.4 km527. Turn right toward Selbitzer Weg 0.6 km528. Turn right at Selbitzer Weg 0.1 km529. Continue onto Selbitz 78 m530. Turn left to stay on Selbitz 0.2 km531. Continue onto Selbitzer Weg 0.2 km532. Turn right at St2184 1.6 km533. Turn right to stay on St2184 3.4 km534. Turn right at NEW15 0.2 km535. Continue straight onto Mockersdorf 0.2 km536. Turn left to stay on Mockersdorf 0.7 km537. Continue onto Badthürl 0.3 km538. Turn left at Marktplatz 0.3 km539. Continue onto NEW14/Unteres Tor 89 m540. Turn right at St2168/VorstadtContinue to follow St2168 0.3 km541. Turn left at NEW14 1.8 km542. Turn right at Hauptstraße/NEW14Continue to follow NEW14 1.6 km543. Turn left at NEW5 0.1 km544. Turn right at NEW5/Preißach 0.7 km545. Slight right at NEW5 0.6 km546. Turn right at NEW8 90 m547. Turn left to stay on NEW8 4.2 km548. Turn right at Kemnather Str./NEW5 1.0 km549. Continue onto B299/Hauptstraße 0.2 km550. Turn left to stay on B299/Hauptstraße 47 m551. Turn right to stay on B299/Hauptstraße 47 m552. Turn left at Bachstraße/NEW5 (signs for Schwarzenbach) 32 m553. Turn right at Bahnhofstraße/NEW5Continue to follow NEW5 7.8 km554. Turn left at B470 3.1 km555. Slight right to stay on B470 4.1 km556. Slight left at B470/Christian-Seltmann-StraßeContinue to follow Christian-Seltmann-Straße 3.2 km557. Slight right at St2666 1.7 km558. Slight right at Christian-Seltmann-Straße/St2666 76 m559. Continue onto Sedanstraße/St2166 0.2 km560. Turn left at Bürgermeister-Prechtl-Straße/St2166 0.5 km561. Turn right at Schlörplatz/St2166Continue to follow St2166Go through 1 roundabout 2.9 km562. Turn right at Am Fischerberg 0.3 km563. Turn left to stay on Am Fischerberg 1.6 km564. Turn right toward Hochstraße 0.2 km565. Turn left at Hochstraße 0.8 km566. Turn left at Kirchenstraße/NEW11 0.5 km567. Turn left toward St2166/Vohenstraußer Str. 0.3 km568. Turn right at St2166/Vohenstraußer Str.Continue to follow St2166 6.9 km569. Turn left at St2181 1.1 km570. Continue onto Weidener Str. 0.6 km571. Continue onto Altenstadter Str. 0.4 km572. Continue onto Bahnhofstraße 0.3 km573. Continue onto Marktplatz 0.2 km574. Continue onto Friedrichstraße 0.1 km575. Turn left to stay on Friedrichstraße 17 m576. Continue onto Waidhauser Str.Go through 1 roundabout 2.9 km577. Slight left toward St2155 1.4 km578. Slight right at St2155 1.4 km579. Turn left at Gröbenstädt 0.1 km580. Slight left at NEW33 0.2 km581. Turn right toward Gebhardsreutherschleife 0.2 km582. Turn right at Gebhardsreutherschleife 0.1 km583. Turn right to stay on Gebhardsreutherschleife 0.1 km584. Turn left to stay on Gebhardsreutherschleife 1.1 km585. Turn left toward Gebhardsreuth 0.2 km586. Continue straight onto Gebhardsreuth 0.3 km587. Turn right to stay on Gebhardsreuth 0.9 km588. Turn left at Fluröd 0.1 km589. Continue onto Heumaden 0.6 km590. Turn left toward St2155 2.5 km591. Turn left at St2155 2.6 km592. Turn left at Moosbacher Str./St2155 41 m593. Turn left to stay on Moosbacher Str./St2155Continue to follow St2155 0.7 km594. Turn left at Böhmer Str./St2155 0.7 km595. Turn left at Tillyschanzweg 0.3 km596. Turn right to stay on Tillyschanzweg 1.3 km597. Turn left at St2155Entering Czech Republic 1.8 km598. Continue onto Route 197 11.2 km599. Continue straight onto Mlýnská 0.3 km600. Continue straight onto Nádražní 0.5 km601. Continue onto Route 197 4.2 km602. Continue straight onto Route 195 1.1 km603. Continue onto Route 197 7.6 km604. Slight left toward Route 197 0.3 km605. Turn left at Route 197 5.7 km606. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Dr. E. Beneše 0.3 km607. Turn right at Jana Littrowa 0.3 km608. Continue onto Domažlická 0.8 km609. Continue onto Route 193 1.6 km610. Turn leftGo through 1 roundabout 10.2 km611. Turn left toward Route 185 5.3 km612. Turn right at Route 185 3.1 km613. Turn left to stay on Route 185 6.6 km614. Turn right to stay on Route 185 2.7 km615. Turn right to stay on Route 185Go through 1 roundabout 3.3 km616. Turn right at Sedlákova 29 m617. Turn left at Franty Šumavského 0.5 km618. Continue onto Nádražní 0.4 km619. Continue onto Tylovo nábř. 23 m620. Turn right at Nádražní 0.4 km621. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Domažlická 0.1 km622. Slight right at Tyršova 0.8 km623. Continue onto Route 22/Puškinova (signs for Horažďovice/22/Strakonice)Continue to follow Route 22 9.1 km624. Slight right to stay on Route 22 34.9 km625. Slight left at Husovo nám. 0.3 km626. Continue onto Tyršova 0.7 km627. Continue onto Route 22 4.5 km628. Slight left at Katovická 0.3 km629. Continue onto Komenského 0.3 km630. Turn left at Bezděkovská 0.6 km631. Turn left at Alf. Šťastného 0.2 km632. Turn right at Písecká 0.3 km633. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Podsrpenská 1.0 km634. Continue onto Route 22 17.4 km635. Turn right toward V Můstkách 3.6 km636. Continue straight onto V Můstkách 0.6 km637. Turn left at Route 141 1.1 km638. Slight left at Husova 0.2 km639. Continue onto nám. Svobody 0.1 km640. Slight left at A. Křížka 0.2 km641. Continue onto Žižkovo nám. 47 m642. Turn right at Kodádkova 0.3 km643. Continue onto Budějovická 2.8 km644. Turn right at Route 20/E49Go through 1 roundabout 24.6 km645. Turn left at Labská 57 m646. Turn right toward Strakonická 0.5 km647. Continue straight onto Strakonická 0.4 km648. Turn left toward Plzeňská 0.3 km649. Slight right at Plzeňská 0.3 km650. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Plzeňská 0.2 km651. Turn right at Strakonická 0.5 km652. Continue onto Nádražní 1.7 km653. Turn left at Riegrova 8 m654. Turn right at Nádražní 0.1 km655. Turn left at Rudolfovská tř. 0.2 km656. Turn right at Dobrovodská 0.7 km657. Turn left to stay on Dobrovodská 0.3 km658. Turn right at Vodní 0.1 km659. Slight left at Družstevní 68 m660. Slight right at A. Kříže 0.5 km661. Continue onto Ledenická 1.4 km662. Continue onto Route 157 8.3 km663. Turn right at Budějovická 12 m664. Turn left at Trocnovská 10 m665. Turn right to stay on Trocnovská 0.5 km666. Continue onto Route 157 3.7 km667. Turn left at Budějovická 50 m668. Turn right to stay on Budějovická 23 m669. Turn left at Třeboňská 0.1 km670. Turn right to stay on Třeboňská 0.1 km671. Continue onto Krčínova 2.9 km672. Turn right 3.3 km673. Turn right 92 m674. Turn left 0.2 km675. Turn left 0.9 km676. Turn right 1.6 km677. Turn right toward Route 154 1.2 km678. Turn left at Route 154 0.9 km679. Turn right toward Žižkova 4.8 km680. Continue straight onto Žižkova 2.0 km681. Slight right at Husova 0.3 km682. Continue onto Vitorazská 1.2 km683. Turn left toward Route 103 4.0 km684. Turn left at Route 103 0.8 km685. Turn right at Route 24/E49Entering Austria 5.3 km686. Continue onto B2/Waldviertler-Bundesstraße 7.1 km687. Turn left at B30/Thayatal-Bundesstraße 88 m688. Turn right at Budweiser Str. 0.1 km689. Continue onto Zwiemannsbusch 0.3 km690. Continue onto Budweiser Str. 1.0 km691. Turn left at Dr. Theodor Körner Pl. 0.1 km692. Dr. Theodor Körner Pl. turns slightly right and becomes Schulg. 0.1 km693. Continue straight onto Hauptpl. 0.3 km694. Continue onto Horner Str. 1.8 km695. Continue onto Langschwarza 70 m696. Continue onto B2/Waldviertler-BundesstraßeContinue to follow B2Go through 2 roundabouts 32.2 km697. Turn left toward Brunn an der Wild 1.6 km698. Continue straight onto Brunn an der Wild 0.3 km699. Continue onto Brunner Berg 0.3 km700. Turn right at Wildbergstr. 49 m701. Turn left at B2/E49/Horner Str.Continue to follow E49 14.5 km702. Slight left toward Mold 0.5 km703. Continue straight onto Mold 1.2 km704. Turn left at B4/Horner-Bundesstraße 1.9 km705. Turn right toward Mörtersdorf 38 m706. Continue straight onto Mörtersdorf 0.9 km707. Turn left toward B4/Horner-Bundesstraße 0.3 km708. Turn right at B4/Horner-Bundesstraße 8.8 km709. Slight right toward Am Berg 0.2 km710. Continue straight onto Am Berg 0.6 km711. Slight right at B4/Horner Str.Continue to follow B4 25.5 km712. Turn right 11 m713. Turn left toward Horner-Bundesstraße 0.7 km714. Slight right at Horner-Bundesstraße 2.4 km715. Turn right toward Zissersdorf 2.2 km716. Turn right toward Zissersdorf 0.5 km717. Continue straight onto Zissersdorf 0.5 km718. Turn right at B4/Horner-BundesstraßeContinue to follow B4 2.7 km719. Slight right at B4/Horner-Bundesstraße 0.1 km720. Turn left at B3/Donau-Bundesstraße/Horner Str.Continue to follow B3/Donau-BundesstraßeGo through 1 roundabout 10.7 km721. Slight left to stay on B3/Donau-BundesstraßeGo through 1 roundabout 3.4 km722. Slight right at B3/Wiener Str. 0.2 km723. Slight left to stay on B3/Wiener Str.Continue to follow B3 2.8 km724. Slight right at B3/Korneuburger Str.Continue to follow B3 2.0 km725. Slight right at B3/Wiener Str.Continue to follow B3Go through 1 roundabout 1.6 km726. Slight left at Berlag. 0.1 km727. Continue straight to stay on Berlag. 0.6 km728. Continue straight onto Mühlweg 19 m729. Slight left at Grädenerweg 0.7 km730. Slight right at Winkeläckerweg 62 m731. Turn left at Ödenburger Str. 0.5 km732. Turn right to stay on Ödenburger Str. 94 m733. Turn left at Mitterhoferg. 0.4 km734. Continue onto Haspingerpl. 0.1 km735. Continue onto Frauenstiftg. 0.2 km736. Continue onto Siemensstr. 0.9 km737. Turn right at Siemenspl. 0.1 km738. Turn left at B229/Siemenspl.Continue to follow B229 1.4 km739. Turn left at B229/Julius Ficker Str. 0.4 km740. Slight right to stay on B229/Julius Ficker Str.Continue to follow B229 2.8 km741. Continue onto Rautenweg 1.7 km742. Turn right at Oleanderg. 0.3 km743. Turn left at Breitenleer Str. 0.2 km744. Turn left to stay on Breitenleer Str. 4.6 km745. Continue onto Altes Dorf 0.5 km746. Continue onto Bahnstr. 1.1 km747. Continue onto Am Bahnhof 0.7 km748. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit 7.1 km749. Continue straight onto Freiheitssiedlung Block II 0.3 km750. Continue onto Raasdorfer Str. 0.6 km751. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Hauptstr. 0.2 km752. Continue straight onto Rathauspl. 46 m753. Continue onto Hauptstr. 0.6 km754. Continue onto Lasseer Str. 8.4 km755. Continue onto Wiener Straße (Lassee) 0.7 km756. Slight left at Obere Hauptstr. 0.3 km757. Turn right to stay on Obere Hauptstr. 0.2 km758. Turn right at Pointeng. 0.4 km759. Turn right at Loimersdorfer Str. 0.8 km760. Slight left at Bioweg 5.0 km761. Continue straight onto Gussastr. 0.3 km762. Turn left at B3/Obere Hauptstr.Continue to follow B3 0.5 km763. Turn right at Stopfenreuther Str. 0.5 km764. Turn right at B49/Bernstein-Bundesstraße 4.7 km765. Turn left at B9/Preßburger-BundesstraßeContinue to follow B9Go through 1 roundabout 9.5 km766. Slight left at B9/Preßburger-BundesstraßeGo through 1 roundaboutEntering Slovakia 2.6 km767. Continue onto Route 61 37 m768. Continue straight to stay on Route 61 2.5 km769. Slight right at Viedenská cesta 2.2 km770. Slight left to stay on Viedenská cesta 76 m771. Continue onto Jantárová cesta 28 m772. Continue onto Starý most 0.6 km773. Turn right at Dostojevského rad 0.4 km774. Turn right at Landererova 7 m775. Slight right to stay on Landererova 0.5 km776. Continue straight to stay on Landererova 0.1 km777. Continue onto Prístavná 1.1 km778. Slight right 0.2 km779. Turn left toward Slovnaftská 0.7 km780. Turn left toward Slovnaftská 0.1 km781. Turn right at Slovnaftská 3.2 km782. Slight left to stay on Slovnaftská 0.1 km783. Continue onto Kazanská 9 m784. Slight right to stay on Kazanská 0.3 km785. Turn right to stay on Kazanská 53 m786. Continue onto Krajinská 0.3 km787. Turn left at Linzbothova 0.4 km788. Turn right at Učiteľská 0.6 km789. Continue straight onto Orenburská 82 m790. Continue onto Staromlynská 0.6 km791. Continue onto Vinohradnícka 6.2 km792. Continue onto K jazeru 1.5 km793. Turn right at Route 572Go through 2 roundabouts 29.3 km794. Slight left toward Route 63/E575 91 m795. Continue straight onto Route 63/E575 8.0 km796. Slight left toward Železničná 7.0 km797. Continue straight onto Železničná 1.4 km798. Turn right toward Malookočská 0.2 km799. Slight left at Malookočská 0.2 km800. Slight right at Úzka 0.1 km801. Turn right at mládeže 94 m802. Turn right toward Sokolecká 10 m803. Turn left at Sokolecká 4.2 km804. Turn left toward Route 63 0.7 km805. Turn left at Route 63 25.5 km806. Turn right at Jedlíkova 0.3 km807. Turn left 0.1 km808. Turn right toward Platanová alej 0.6 km809. Turn right at Platanová alej 0.1 km810. Turn left to stay on Platanová alej 1.7 km811. Slight right toward Zahradnícka 66 m812. Turn left at Veľkodunajské nábrežie 0.1 km813. Sharp right at ZahradníckaEntering Hungary 0.4 km814. Continue onto Route 13 0.3 km815. Slight left at Igmándi út 0.3 km816. Turn left at Táncsics Mihály utca 2.0 km817. Turn left at Mártírok útja 0.2 km818. Continue onto Szőnyi út 0.9 km819. Continue onto Széchenyi István utca 1.0 km820. Continue onto Petőfi Sándor utca 3.0 km821. Continue onto Route 1 4.9 km822. Turn left at Route 10 28.5 km823. Slight right to stay on Route 10 91 m824. Slight right to stay on Route 10 26 m825. Turn right at Felszabadulás út 1.5 km826. Slight left to stay on Felszabadulás út 0.7 km827. Continue onto Bécsi út 0.8 km828. Continue onto József Attila út 1.3 km829. Continue onto Route 10 1.1 km830. Slight left to stay on Route 10Go through 1 roundabout 22.2 km831. Turn right at Iskola utca 0.6 km832. Turn left at Hősök tere 45 m833. Turn left to stay on Hősök tere 31 m834. Turn right at Fő utca 0.3 km835. Continue onto Budai utca 0.4 km836. Continue onto Fő utca 0.1 km837. Continue onto Budai utcaGo through 1 roundabout 2.5 km838. Continue onto Route 10Go through 1 roundabout 8.9 km839. Slight right at Bécsi út 0.1 km840. Slight right to stay on Bécsi út 2.9 km841. Slight left at Zsigmond tér 71 m842. Slight right to stay on Zsigmond tér 0.1 km843. Continue onto Árpád fejedelem útja 0.9 km844. Continue onto Bem rakpart 0.2 km845. Continue straight onto Bem tér 90 m846. Turn left to stay on Bem tér 7 m847. Continue onto Fő utca 0.8 km848. Continue onto Szilágyi Dezső tér 51 m849. Continue onto Fő utca 0.6 km850. Enter the roundabout 36 mBudapest, Hungary