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There was a big Senate fight on the route it would take. Stephen Douglas and Henry Clay were at odds about the route. Douglas wanted it to go through Chicago and have that as the main hub. Clay wanted it in St. Louis. Both men spent a great deal of time using their power in the Senate over the route. Douglas won and it went to Chicago ( where it still is today). This resulted in Douglas gaining more power in the Senate and becoming more nationally known. It gave him the platform to run for President against Lincoln. Most of his power was invested in southern states and with the south, so had he won the office there may have not been a civil war, but the issue of slavery would not have been settle in the 1860's. At some point it was bound to have a resolution, but it would have been later and bloodier.

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Q: What was the political impact the Transcontinental Railroad had on the US?
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Who was US president when the transcontinental railroad was completed?

Ulysses Grant was the US president when the transcontinental railroad was finished in 1869.

How do you write a sentence with the word transcontinental?

The US biult a transcontinental railroad.

What were two affects of the transcontinental railroad on the US?

one day

What are some effects of the Transcontinental Railroad?

The Transcontinental Railroad helped to connect the East with the West, increased trade between the East and the West, and helped with the growth of the US.

Where did the two tracks of the railroad meet?

If this question refers to the US's transcontinental railroad, then the answer is Promontory Point, Utah. There in the Spring of 1869, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads met, creating the US's transcontinental railroad.

What state was the transcontinental railroad buit in?

The Transcontinental railroad was completed in a ceremony in the Utah Territory in 1869. The railway enabled travel from the US east coast to the west coast.

Who made sure that transcontinental railroad would be built?

The us government

Did the English start the first transcontinental railroad?

No. The English have nowhere to build a transcontinental railroad; they are on an island. The US was the first to begin such a railroad - aptly named the First Trascontinental Railroad - and the Russians soon followed with the Trans-Siberian Railway.

What railroad was the first to connect the east and the west coast of the US?

It was called the "transcontinental" railroad.

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it is transcontinental railroad

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The gadsden purchase.

By the 1890's how many transcontinental railroad lines crossed the US?