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If you can see him while he's unconscious, he's probably attracted to you.

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Q: What unconscious moves does a guy do to say he's attracted to you?
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If a guy says hes attracted to your personality does that mean hes unattracted to you sexually?

Not necessarily.

Dahvie vanity is hot?

yes if u like that sorta stuff hes scene so if ur attracted to scenes or emos hes ur guy

What does it mean if a guy likes you back?

well it means hes attracted you in some way. so if you like him go for it?

What does it mean for some guy to tell you hes spiritually attracted to you?

It means that his mind is attracted to you but his "body" is not there yet. Give him sometime and he will be fully attracted to you yes or it may mean he is already fully attracted to you if he doesnt think sex is unspiritual

Can your best gay friend fall in love with you?

What gender are you? if your a guy then yah, probably. if your a girl, then no, hes attracted to guys, remember?

What does it mean when a guy says hes sprung over you?

When a guy says he's "sprung" over you, it means he is strongly infatuated or enamored with you. He may feel deeply attracted and emotionally invested in the relationship.

How do you tell if a guy is interested in you cause there is a guy at work that is very touchy feely and i wanted to know if he was attracted to me?

Well ih hes being totally nice to you and hes flirting with you everyday and he eats with you he might as well be in love now heres the real question... do you feel the same way?

What are grizzly bears attracted to?

YOU!! watch out, hes coming!

What does it mean for a boy to tell you hes spiritually attracted to you is that bad?

It might mean tht he's attracted to what he see's inside. He might also mean that this guy has a lot of depth to him, so I wouldn't let this guy slip through your fingers. It rare to find such a guy like this. P.S.- it is not a bad thing. Actuallt, it's a great thing that he said that.

What does it mean when a guy says he has very strong feelings for you?

depending on the guy and his emotions/personality, he may mean he loves you or hes sexually attracted to you biut t depends on the guy many times girls think guys only like them and are sexually attracted only, but that is just a false assumption if you can, try to ask him inadvertently did i help at all??????????????

When a guy is turned on does it mean its good or bad?

good 9/10 as this means hes either attracted to you or your doing something sexy what is also a good sign hope this helped :)

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