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high tops

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Q: What type of shoes does Cameron Boyce wear?
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What color socks does Cameron Boyce From Jessie wear?

Cameron Boyce From Jessie wears white socks.

What kind of underwear does Cameron Boyce from JESSIE wear?

In the fashion show episode, his pants fell down and he was wearing panda-print boxers. So based on what was publicly known, he probably wore boxers.

What size shoe does Cameron Boyce wear?

Spartan high wc is what he wears

What does Cameron boyce wear to sleep?

I would think his underwear. A lot of young boys sleep in their underwear.

What type of shoes did sumerians wear?

What type of shoes did the sumerians wear? Answer: The shoes they wore had animal skin,grass,and plants

What type of shoes do Puerto Rico have?

The same type of shoes you wear. Jeez.

What type of shoes do they wear in Canada?

they wear boots and other heavy and thick shoes

What shoes does a monk wear?

They wear a type of slipper.

What type shoes we have to wear while dancing?

Irish Dance shoes, Tap shoes

Do you have to wear shoes in post office?

yes because they tell you pacific type of shoes you wear with your uniform

What type of shoes to wear when go kart racing?

Tennis shoes.

What are the best type of shoes to wear when you are jogging?

The best type of shoes to wear when you are jogging is tennis shoes. Tennis shoes have cushions under your feet so your feet doesn't get pressure, which is a good thing.