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Medical or Health Insurance

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Q: What type of insurance will pay for damages if you are the victim of hit-and-run driver?
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What type of insurance will pay for damages if you are the victim of a hit-and-run driver?

Comprehensive Coverage.

If you are a victim of hit-and-run accident caused by a rental car driver can you claim the damages from this rental car company directly?

You can only claim against the rental company if the driver took out their insurance. If he has his own separate insurance, that is where you need to make the claim.

Will the insurance company pay for the damages caused by their driver if the injured victim is driving unlicensed and the car has been totaled?

Let's see if I can follow this. Insurance company A is at fault because of actions caused by driver A. Driver B who is not at fault is injured, but is unlicensed, and Auto B has been totalled. Insurance company A is going to have to pay damages to Driver B for property damage as well as for injuries because Driver A is deemed at fault. The fact that Driver B is unlicensed is a non-moving violation and Driver B will have to pay a substantial fines for these issues.

How does civil law help the victim of a case of drinking driving accident?

The victim would be able to file a civil law suit against the driver (and others) and attempt to recover their damages from the accident, such as medical expenses or damages to their property.

Will progressive insurance pay for an uninsured vehicle if the at fault vehicle was insured by them?

The insurance status of the victim's vehicle is irrelevant. The at-fault insurance company will pay for your damages whether your car is insured or not.

Do you have to go through your insurance co if you hit a car when the victim wants me to even though you are willing to pay for damages?

== == == == == == == == == == == == if one party wants to go though it using insurance then yes you have to as well.

If you were in a car accident and the other person was at fault should her insurance pay for your rental car medical bills and all of your repairs?

yes, assuming the are all accident related and she is 100% negligent, and therfore liable/responsible for your damages.......if a specific problem with some of this give more details and i can be of more assistance.....It also depends on whether your state is a "no fault" state or not. In a "no fault" state, the parties involved in an auto accident are automatically reimbursed by their own insurance company. However, it is still possible for the victim of an auto accident to receive additional compensation for certain damages (i.e. medical expenses, pain and suffering, economic losses, etc.). If the accident victim's auto insurance policy does not cover the amount of damages they've sustained, they may want to consider legal action against the at fault driver. However, this all depends on the state the accident victim lives in and the amount/type of damages sustained.

If you rear ended someone and was arrested for DUI will your liability cover the damage and injury caused to the victim?

Actually it depends on a lot of different circumstances. Was the insurance current without any cancellations? If you had the minimum legal required amount of liability insurance they will probably cover the victim's damages and the victim may also be entitled to State Reparation Benefits that would cover what insurance won't. What the DUI offender needs to be concerned about is collision damages to his/her own car. Those almost certainly WILL NOT be covered by such an occurrence, but it depends. If there was full coverage there are numerous loopholes.

Who is liable for damages done to your vechicle if it was not your fault and the other car was stolen?

The thief who stole the car is liable for the damages he caused. The owner of the stolen vehicle is a victim also of the same Thief. You my seek compensation from your own insurance policy if you have full coverage options.

What are the ratings and certificates for Damages - 2007 Blame the Victim 1-8?

Damages - 2007 Blame the Victim 1-8 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:16 USA:TV-MA

How do you use compensatory damages in a sentence?

The civil suit resulted in the defendant having to pay compensatory damages to the victim.

What happens if you have no insurance and are at fault in an accident?

Obviously, you can get a ticket. You also can be sued by the victim and the victim's insurance company for damages. They will look at your assets and see what can be liquidated to pay off the judgment. This could bankrupt you, depending on your state's rules for what assets you can protect from liquidation. The victim will have an attorney who will get paid at least a third of what is collected and has a strong motivation to get every last penny they can from you. Going without liability insurance is a very, very, very bad idea, not to mention it is against the law in 49 states.