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Basic liability insurance. This covers the person you hit. Comprehensive and collision covers your car.

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Q: What type of insurance is needed if you hit another car?
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What type of insurance is needed if you go to the emergency room after a car accident?

health insurance

What type of car insurance is needed if you injure someone else in an accident?

naidu insurance

What type of insurance is needed when you have a lien or loan your car?

comprehensive coverage

What type of insurance is needed when you have a lien or loan on your car?

comprehensive coverage

Can I transfer a car insurance policy from one car to another car. If so how do you do that?

Yes, you can but there is a charge of £98 + VAT but it also depends on your insureance type and who your insurance is with

What type of insurance coverage is needed to pay off a stolen car?

you need to have Comprehensive coverage on your policy.

What type of insurance do you need to get if you don't have a car?

car insurance

Whose auto insurance will cover you if driving another person's car in Maine?

The driver's insurance will take the lead, if something extra is needed, the person who owns the car's insurance will be secondary. Both will be involved to some extent.

What is an AXA car insurance policy?

If you are in another country you should be able to get AXA insurance because it isnt available in the United states of america. This is the disadvantage of this type of insurance.

Where can I find free car insurance thats good?

There is no such thing is free car insurance. You can recieve and free quote but you will have to pay for the car insurance that is needed in your state.

What type of insurance plans does Harleysville insurance have?

"The type of insurance plans Harleysville insurance have are car and home insurances.

Why do you have to put your 22 year old son on your car insurance when he doesn't drive your car and has his own car and insurance?

You don't. WHo said you needed to?