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Q: What to expect after taking cytotec?
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Can you take ibrupofen after taking cytotec?


You are taking cytotec for miscarriage how long does it take to start working?

I started having red blood discharge at about 4 -5 hours after taking the cytotec...

Is it normal to see 2 to 3 spoons of blood after taking 8 tablets of cytotec?

Well is it normal to take 8 tablets of cytotec?

How much is the original cytotec in mercury drugstore in pampanga?


Do cytotec has to be prescribed?

Yes, Cytotec requires a prescription in order to be obtained.

Is cytotec good to prevent pregnancy?

No. Cytotec can be used for abortion but not to prevent pregnancy.

What the result of taking cytotec but not pregnant?

Same as when you are pregnant there will just not be any embryo or sac coming out. The cramping and uterus changing lining and bleeding will still be there.

How long after taking Cytotec will it take to expel the fetus?

it depends on the duration of your pregnancy, the dosage, and if you've eaten your meal or not. and lastly if you've did the proper instruction.m

What should you eat after taking misoprostol pill?

You can eat anything you want but avoid alcohol.

Does anyone here took cytotec and delivered a normal baby?

Yes i took cytotec and had a beautiful little girl. I was induced with pitosin and cytotec and had a c sect after all, but she was still perfect

Is cytotec pfizer 200mcg benefical in pregnancy?

I would not call Cytotec beneficial in pregnancy since in the right dose it's used for abortion.

Is it effective to take 2 tablets of cytotec and coca cola to avoid getting pregnant?

Neither Cytotec or Coke prevent pregnancy so no.