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Q: What time does Hunter McCall need to be in bed?
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Why is it important that scientists establish a need for new technology before designing it?

They need to make sure there is a purposeful need for the project that way they don't waste materials. Another thing is that they would need to find a need because it would be a waste of time money and space if you made it for no reason. EX: You want to build a bed from your fathers lumber pile. you already have a bed as does the rest of your family. it would be a waste of time money and resources so why would you do it? Submitted by: Hunter Jackson

What time does a twenty two year old need to go to bed?


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yes, my b.ed is compleated i need exam time table

What time is it when an elephant sit on your bed?

Time to get a new bed!

What time is bed time in French?

When you get free from all the work, its bed time.

What are the best duvet bed covers on the market?

Amazon is a terrific resource for finding the exact bed covers you are searching for. Not only do they have low prices, they also have a variety of shipping options to help you get what you need in the time you need it.

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You can take a loo every time you feel you need to and don't drink fluids with in 1hr of going to bed and you wet the bed because your brain doesn't have complete control over your blater

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No it is incorrect. "Its" is used incorrectly.It would be correct if it was:"It's time you were in bed."or"It is time you were in bed."

What do you do when your ferret shreds her bed?

If your ferrets shreds her bed, try changing to another type of bedding. She may be doing it out of boredom and may need more time out of her cage

Define transitional furniture?

Transitional furniture is furniture that grows with the child. It could start out as a crib, then toddler bed and by the time they need it, it can be the headboard and foot board of an adult bed.

When is Noah Cyrus bedtime?

she does not have a "bed time" she goes to bed at the time she wants to.